for the kids {window painting}

this project was a total win and took me about 3 minutes to get ready.  it let the kids play with paint, but involved NO MESS, which i know is what scares most people about art projects.  all three kids {ages 1, 3 & 6} played with it at some point during the day drawing squiggles, practicing letters, numbers, names, and tic-tac-toe.  heck, i even liked it.

i’m pretty sure you could use any type of paint, but i had acrylic on hand so i squirted 4 colors in different spots in a gallon-sized bag, squeezed the air out and used packing tape {so you can still see thru it} to make sure that sucker was closed…because i knew someone would try to open it…and they did try.  once it’s taped closed, you can tape it to a table, highchair tray, or on a window.  we liked this best since it looked a lot cooler when the sun shined through.  just start squishing and see what your kids come up with!img_9757






a few things…

a few very random ramblings…

h&m has home items, say what!?!?!  it’s a small but good collection, and the price point is super affordable.  it leans clean and modern, which is right up my alley, and at these prices, you can afford to change that pillow cover out after your kid gets their chocolate slobber all over it {not that i know from experience}.  i’ve already thrown a few things into my online basket to use as christmas and hostess gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

i have really been feeling the need to change things up around here to cozy things up for fall – i have been known to move things around in our house so much that jared asks if everything is new  {i’d say that’s a successful rearrangement}.  i’m not really into throwing up leaf garlands everywhere {no offense if that’s your thing};  browns and oranges have never been my happy colors.  in search of some inspiration, i’ve been following this fall homes tour, and have pulled some good ideas to use at case de brooner.  it starts with the white buffalo styling co., and each post leads you to a new blog.  i like the eclectic nature of her {wbsc} home, and it’s fun to see how each person interprets fall style.  highly recommend if you’re in a styling rut.

ok, if you’re not watching this is us, i don’t know if we can be friends.  i’m kidding, i’m kidding.  but, it is so. good.  jared and i were bummed when parenthood ended a while back, and i feel like this show has filled that spot for us.  it has heart, and the main characters are in their 36th year, which hits preeeeeeetty close to home.

lastly, my computer has just returned from the computer hospital, where she really needed to go long ago.  i have been pretty terrible about maintenance, and she was getting slowwwwww.  {couldn’t possibly be the 16 jillion pictures i have on here.  whoops.}  anyhow, i was finally able to download about a jillion more pictures from our good camera.  it’s crazy how much these little people have changed in a year – yeah, i said she needed help a long time ago.  i blame just coming out from under a rock after having our third child…again, a year ago.  a little throwback thursday, if you will…







new art {in the dining room}

so, months ago, my sweet and amazingly artistic friend, becky, came to my house.  did i say she was amazingly talented?  because, really, that’s a gross understatement.  anyway, on her way out, she suggested that my dining room needed a huge black and white piece of art.  bam!  i had been thinking the exact same thing, so i knew the idea was a ‘go’.  the wall is big, and it needed something big – like 4ft x 5 ft big – and i knew i wanted to try to do it myself.  having made the decision to do a black and white piece, i was then paralyzed in choosing what i wanted…for weeks.  i did lots of searching for pieces i liked and thought were do-able, but came up with nothing i was really wowed by.  a few weeks later, becky sent me this, and basically said, ‘do it’.  it was the perfect piece just the push i needed.


so, with a little coaching, i did it….



i mean, i know it’s not perfect, and i still might go back and touch it up, but it’s exactly what the room needed – a bit of edge to contrast the feminine chandelier – and it makes for a pretty bold entrance into our home.  it’s the first thing you see.  whammo.

and a happy new year {to you}

for our wild and crazy new years eve, we set up a little ‘photo booth’ in our basement {all the credit for this idea goes to jared}, got dressed up, and acted pretty dang silly.  i drew some ‘fireworks’ on the chalkboard wall in the basement, threw the camera on a tripod and used our handy-dandy remote control.  it was fun, and i am so happy to have these pictures.  i think they’ll be really fun to look back on years from now.  happy 2014 to each of you.  i think it’s gonna be a good year.  












{haaaaaaaaapy new year!}


meet {jasper}

we have a new pet.  his name is jasper and he’s amazingly low-maintenance.



i’m kind of into the whole antler trend, but not so sure about hanging up actual antlers.  i don’t know, it must be my bleeding heart for animals.   i found this guy at the target and got to work taking him up a notch.
i used gold acrylic paint on his antlers to give him a little sparkle, and painted up a piece of mdf we had laying around to give him more of a presence.  our ceilings are really tall in our family room so we really needed something with height over the mantle.  also, adios builder beige.  our painter will be here next week, and i am so. so. excited.
jasper wasn’t weird enough so i added a scarf.  he’s totally comfortable in his manhood, so pink was a must.  and for the holidays, he got really dressed up.

fueling {your fire}

you guys!!  thank you for all your amazing comments on here, facebook, and instagram.  sounds like that last post struck a chord with you all, and it was really encouraging for me to hear your feedback.  while i know i’m not doing this alone, it’s great to hear that you all are facing the same things.  i keep thinking that women (and men) have been raising babies for millions of years, so why do i feel so much like i’m drowning?  the truth is that they were probably overwhelmed too, they just didn’t have this little thing called social media to publicize it.  sadly, i think beckett has started to pick up on my ‘funk’ and is developing one of his own.  that’s where i draw the line, and i need to get things turned around stat.

so i’m making a plan.  i’m figuring out what i need to fill my tank and get some fire back, and i think those things are rest, creative time, and church.  i’m telling you so you can hold me accountable.

  • rest – i am really struggling with getting a sufficient amount of sleep (chloe has been a sleep-hater lately – dang!), so i’m going to pick 3 nights a week, and go to bed early.  that starts tonight.
  • creative time – jared has agreed to keep the kids occupied for a few hours on saturday mornings so i can get my hands ‘dirty’ again – taking pictures, sewing, painting, whatever.  this stuff really makes me feel so good – and productive!  bonus is that i’ll have more to share with you here!
  • church – it has been far too long since we were regular church-goers, and i want to change that.  i think it’ll help get our week started on the right note.

will you make a plan too?  no need to tell me what yours is (or do!  i’d really love to hear!), but let’s start taking care of ourselves, friends.

in other news, beckett and chloe were a quarterback (james franklin to be exact) and his trusty football for halloween.   it was pretty cute.




rainy day project {muffin tin crayons}

i had been wanting to do this for a while, and one day a few weeks ago, we finally got down to it.  i had been collecting broken crayons for a while, and we finally had a bag full of them.  beckett was excited to help, and we got to work unwrapping all the crayons.  i was surprised at how long it kept his attention.  he really loved it.

we lined a muffin tin with paper liners and decided to divide them into warm colors and cool colors.  we baked them at 250 degrees for 10ish minutes.  watch them, though, because if you bake them too long they’ll just melt together into a muddy color.  take them out of the oven carefully and let them cool completely.  unwrap, and get to coloring.




i have a problem {with projects}

hi, my name is cara, and i’m addicted to projects.  i always have a few in the works and a few in my pipeline, but i have a problem too.  i get too many going, and then i get all overwhelmed and just sit paralyzed not knowing where to begin to get them completed.  here’s a small sampling of what i have in the works currently.  they all sit. unfinished in various rooms.  and here I sit writing a blog post instead of diving into something.

{exhibit a: box that i am going to give a treatment to and show you how to diy.  half done.}


{exhibit b:  one of two chairs.  i’ve made pillows for them, but they need a new paint job and to be recovered.  half done}chair

{exhibit c:  frames to be hung in the dining room.  have no art for them, and they’re sitting on the floor.  half done.}frames

{exhibit d:  future drapes for beckett’s room.  they’re cut to the correct length, but not yet sewn.  half done}drapes

{exhibit f:  mirror to be hung in our stairwell.  currently sitting in the dining room.  classy.  half done.}mirror

Part of the problem is that I can’t really devote hours at a time to anything. i’d like to, but i also want to give my full attention to the kids, need to nurse Chloe, make eye contact with my husband.  i swear, though, if there were two more hours in the day, (or if I could get by on 4 hrs of sleep…or if we could hire a housekeeper and chef),  I could really make some magic happen around here.  I have a lofty goal to become a morning person (when Chloe is sleeping thru the night…here I go making another excuse). in my head, i wake up at 6 and have a whole hour to myself before the circus begins…to finish projects, do yoga, or just sit and drink a cup of coffee.  i feel like it would get me started on the right foot, and i’d be good and awake by the time the rest of the house wakes up.  we’ll see if i can make it happen.

so, whether projects, work, or something else, what’s your secret?  how do you get it all done?

in other news, it was 80 here yesterday, and it’s currently sleeting.  i am thrilled to be spending may 2 cooped up inside.  maybe you can’t sense the sarcasm?  but it’s a damn fine day for napping.  if only i had time… ;)

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diy {glitter barrette}

i had been eyeing this barrette for a while, but just couldn’t bring myself to pay $15 for it (plus another $5 to ship!), knowing i’d probably find it in the bottom of a drawer by the end of the year. i thought i’d take a crack at diy-ing it.  here’s what you need:


the barrettes i found aren’t as wide as the one, but it works.  you could stack two to get a chunkier look if you like.

ok, slap a coat of mod podge on your barrette, liberally sprinkle it with glitter, and then dab (so you don’t brush off the glitter) another layer of mod podge on top of the glitter.  it will look all milky white like you see below, but it dries clear.  i used a foam brush for the mod podge and flexible cutting board (hence all the knife marks) so i could easily get the glitter back in the jar.


let your barrette dry overnight, and you’re good to go.  throw it on to tame your bangs, do a half-up do, or even under your top knot for a little surprise twist.  i used only a teeny tiny bit of glitter so i have a ton left to share or slather other things with.  i’ll let you know what i do next.


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go {basecamp hotel}

a quick note – you might notice the blog looks a little different.  well, the new year always puts me in the mood to organize, and since i was baking a baby in january, my efforts have been a little delayed this year.  i’m trying to pare down at home, and it’s no different here.  i’ve tried to put some of the more popular posts in easy-to-get-to areas so they can be found quickly.  it’s a work in progress for both, and if you’ve got a suggestion, pipe up – i’d love to hear it.  now, onto regular business…

we are currently buried in snow, with more to come tomorrow – enough already!  thursday brought white-out conditions, and i was thankful that our little family could stay safe at home and just watch it come down.  it was really like a mountain snow – you know when you’re at the top of a ski slope and it just starts dumping and the wind kicks up and then you can’t see?  ok, maybe i have just had the misfortune to have had that happen.  i heard that the official measurement for kansas city was 13 inches, which is more than we’ve had in two years, and it was kind of fun to have a good old-fashioned snow day.  well, all this snow has me daydreaming about a little adventure to a place called the basecamp hotel in south lake tahoe.  equal parts funky and rustic, it looks like a great place to add to our must-do list for either summer or winter – or both!

{‘the great indoors’ room, complete with a tent}



{how fun would this be if you brought a herd of people!?!}BaseCamp_Explorer_room

{family style}homeslide6