i have a problem {with projects}

hi, my name is cara, and i’m addicted to projects.  i always have a few in the works and a few in my pipeline, but i have a problem too.  i get too many going, and then i get all overwhelmed and just sit paralyzed not knowing where to begin to get them completed.  here’s a small sampling of what i have in the works currently.  they all sit. unfinished in various rooms.  and here I sit writing a blog post instead of diving into something.

{exhibit a: box that i am going to give a treatment to and show you how to diy.  half done.}


{exhibit b:  one of two chairs.  i’ve made pillows for them, but they need a new paint job and to be recovered.  half done}chair

{exhibit c:  frames to be hung in the dining room.  have no art for them, and they’re sitting on the floor.  half done.}frames

{exhibit d:  future drapes for beckett’s room.  they’re cut to the correct length, but not yet sewn.  half done}drapes

{exhibit f:  mirror to be hung in our stairwell.  currently sitting in the dining room.  classy.  half done.}mirror

Part of the problem is that I can’t really devote hours at a time to anything. i’d like to, but i also want to give my full attention to the kids, need to nurse Chloe, make eye contact with my husband.  i swear, though, if there were two more hours in the day, (or if I could get by on 4 hrs of sleep…or if we could hire a housekeeper and chef),  I could really make some magic happen around here.  I have a lofty goal to become a morning person (when Chloe is sleeping thru the night…here I go making another excuse). in my head, i wake up at 6 and have a whole hour to myself before the circus begins…to finish projects, do yoga, or just sit and drink a cup of coffee.  i feel like it would get me started on the right foot, and i’d be good and awake by the time the rest of the house wakes up.  we’ll see if i can make it happen.

so, whether projects, work, or something else, what’s your secret?  how do you get it all done?

in other news, it was 80 here yesterday, and it’s currently sleeting.  i am thrilled to be spending may 2 cooped up inside.  maybe you can’t sense the sarcasm?  but it’s a damn fine day for napping.  if only i had time… ;)

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5 thoughts on “i have a problem {with projects}

  1. First, I think you should paint the chairs GOLD! Next, I love that fabric for Beckett’s drapes. Third, if I took a picture of any mirrors in my house you would see a pile of toys/laundry/dirty dishes in the background so well done on having the floor picked up! And finally, if you wake up an hour earlier, those small people will sense a shift in the universe and wake up 10 minutes before your alarm goes off. Keep sleeping, girl. Keep sleeping.

    Waited with bated breath to see how those chairs turn out. You have such great style, I know they’ll be awesome!

    1. thanks carrie – chairs are upholstered now, but still need a coat of paint. someday i’ll finish, and will post when i’m finally done!

  2. Find a friend or two who have lots of projects too! Plan once or twice a month to either work together on each others projects or bring your stuff over to their house and work on your projects at the same.

  3. I would love to come play with the B man and watch Chloe while you tackle a project. Just let me know when.:)

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