diy {glitter barrette}

i had been eyeing this barrette for a while, but just couldn’t bring myself to pay $15 for it (plus another $5 to ship!), knowing i’d probably find it in the bottom of a drawer by the end of the year. i thought i’d take a crack at diy-ing it.  here’s what you need:


the barrettes i found aren’t as wide as the one, but it works.  you could stack two to get a chunkier look if you like.

ok, slap a coat of mod podge on your barrette, liberally sprinkle it with glitter, and then dab (so you don’t brush off the glitter) another layer of mod podge on top of the glitter.  it will look all milky white like you see below, but it dries clear.  i used a foam brush for the mod podge and flexible cutting board (hence all the knife marks) so i could easily get the glitter back in the jar.


let your barrette dry overnight, and you’re good to go.  throw it on to tame your bangs, do a half-up do, or even under your top knot for a little surprise twist.  i used only a teeny tiny bit of glitter so i have a ton left to share or slather other things with.  i’ll let you know what i do next.


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8 thoughts on “diy {glitter barrette}

  1. You might be a Theta if…=)

    I must admit, I was always jealous of the glittery Theat goodness back in the day!

  2. No theta should ever have to buy something glittered. We were born do DIY glitter projects :)

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