meet {jasper}

we have a new pet.  his name is jasper and he’s amazingly low-maintenance.



i’m kind of into the whole antler trend, but not so sure about hanging up actual antlers.  i don’t know, it must be my bleeding heart for animals.   i found this guy at the target and got to work taking him up a notch.
i used gold acrylic paint on his antlers to give him a little sparkle, and painted up a piece of mdf we had laying around to give him more of a presence.  our ceilings are really tall in our family room so we really needed something with height over the mantle.  also, adios builder beige.  our painter will be here next week, and i am so. so. excited.
jasper wasn’t weird enough so i added a scarf.  he’s totally comfortable in his manhood, so pink was a must.  and for the holidays, he got really dressed up.

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