so, it’s been a while.  ever have one of those periods where you feel as if all your creative energy has been zapped?  i’ve felt like the wind has been sucked out of my creative sails. and while summer is ALWAYS welcomed with open arms, i also blame our loosy-goosey lifestyle for my absence here and my lack of creativity.  with everyone home 24/7, every ounce of energy in my body was spent meeting kids’ needs and keeping our house afloat. there just wasn’t room for much else.  and i don’t want you to think i’m complaining, truly i’m not.  i know it’s a season of life, and it will pass much more quickly than i’d like. BUT. it’s draining. i am tired. of cleaning up spills for the millionth time and picking up toys just to have them thrown around 4 seconds later, and laundry and dishes that i just can’t seem to stay caught up with.

summer was fun and great and beautiful and there was so much togetherness. but it was also overwhelming and intense and and there was so. much. togetherness. we did some wonderful things, but i kind of felt like I had to referee my way through the days (just being real here).  why did I not get a whistle in june?!? and please tell me i’m not the only one who would have benefitted from one!?!

we are back in the swing of things with school, and as my days feel a bit lighter (with b in 1st and c in pre-k), so do i.  i’m all for the ease of summertime, but really, i love some structure to our days.  i think the kids and i all thrive on some sort of routine, rhythm, and predictability.  and as we’re completing our fifth week of that, i feel myself coming back to earth.  and to this place.  and that feels good.

here a few shots from sweet summertime.  

a few things…

a few very random ramblings…

h&m has home items, say what!?!?!  it’s a small but good collection, and the price point is super affordable.  it leans clean and modern, which is right up my alley, and at these prices, you can afford to change that pillow cover out after your kid gets their chocolate slobber all over it {not that i know from experience}.  i’ve already thrown a few things into my online basket to use as christmas and hostess gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

i have really been feeling the need to change things up around here to cozy things up for fall – i have been known to move things around in our house so much that jared asks if everything is new  {i’d say that’s a successful rearrangement}.  i’m not really into throwing up leaf garlands everywhere {no offense if that’s your thing};  browns and oranges have never been my happy colors.  in search of some inspiration, i’ve been following this fall homes tour, and have pulled some good ideas to use at case de brooner.  it starts with the white buffalo styling co., and each post leads you to a new blog.  i like the eclectic nature of her {wbsc} home, and it’s fun to see how each person interprets fall style.  highly recommend if you’re in a styling rut.

ok, if you’re not watching this is us, i don’t know if we can be friends.  i’m kidding, i’m kidding.  but, it is so. good.  jared and i were bummed when parenthood ended a while back, and i feel like this show has filled that spot for us.  it has heart, and the main characters are in their 36th year, which hits preeeeeeetty close to home.

lastly, my computer has just returned from the computer hospital, where she really needed to go long ago.  i have been pretty terrible about maintenance, and she was getting slowwwwww.  {couldn’t possibly be the 16 jillion pictures i have on here.  whoops.}  anyhow, i was finally able to download about a jillion more pictures from our good camera.  it’s crazy how much these little people have changed in a year – yeah, i said she needed help a long time ago.  i blame just coming out from under a rock after having our third child…again, a year ago.  a little throwback thursday, if you will…







life {lately}

whew – it has been so long since i’ve visited this space.  it is really a hectic season of our lives, but in the best way.  the kids are running on all cylinders at. all. times.  if they’re both awake, time to myself is non-existent, and since beckett is no longer napping, that mean’s i’m ‘on’ from 7 in the morning to sometimes 9 at night.  we have the kind of kids who are super-social and want us to play with them all the time, which is awesome – but doesn’t leave much time for anything else.  i’m trying to let them be when they play (nicely) together, or each by themselves, but to be honest, that doesn’t happen very often.  i feel like we’re still in straight-up survival mode.

school started friday for beckett, so i’m looking forward to the structure and routine that it creates.  he goes from 8 -12 on monday, wednesday, and friday, and he really loved it last year, so i’m really hoping he has a similar experience this year.  we did meet-the-teacher last tuesday, and i think he was a little confused why we were in a different room with a different teacher.  i had tried to prep him for it, but he was a bit perplexed.  he seemed to have a great day yesterday, and all he can talk about is how many race cars are in his new classroom, so he’s gonna be just fine.  i just got him signed up for soccer so i’m reeeealllly excited to see how that goes.  i can actually remember my brother playing soccer at this age, and it was basically a herd of kids chasing a ball – i expect the same for beckett’s time this fall.  beckett is in school, signed up for soccer, and is going to be 4 in 10 days.  i mean, seriously, how did this happen?

chloe hit the 18 month milestone on august 1 and is a little chatterbox.  she is picking up new words every day.  she says yes the most clearly, and recently said ‘take a bath’ – her first real phrase.  she is obsessed with dogs of any kind and loves to see them in person (though sometimes she’s a little skittish at first – funny since we have a 95 lb moose that lives with us), in pictures, and drawings.  she is pretty great with animal sounds and identifying different animals in pictures.  she gets particularly excited when she sees a cat, dog or monkey.  she also loves the monkeys at the zoo, and gets super excited if they’re running around.  chloe is basically running around too.  she and beckett love to race, and they’ll line up against our dining chairs, and she’ll say ‘go!’ and take off.  beckett loves to race anything and is trying to turn everything (from running to eating) into a competition .  is this a dude-thing?  i don’t get it.

we are entering a busy few months with three weddings, a family reunion, school activities and soccer, but i hope to visit here a little more often.  it sure feels good to write.


































and a happy new year {to you}

for our wild and crazy new years eve, we set up a little ‘photo booth’ in our basement {all the credit for this idea goes to jared}, got dressed up, and acted pretty dang silly.  i drew some ‘fireworks’ on the chalkboard wall in the basement, threw the camera on a tripod and used our handy-dandy remote control.  it was fun, and i am so happy to have these pictures.  i think they’ll be really fun to look back on years from now.  happy 2014 to each of you.  i think it’s gonna be a good year.  












{haaaaaaaaapy new year!}


family pictures {october 2013}

we had pictures taken the second week of october, and our holiday cards were printed and on my doorstep on halloween.  this has not happened in the history of ever, and i still waited until mid-december to finally get them out.  i had the very best intentions…really.  the amazingly talented, uber-sweet, and all around great person, meredith gutshall, took these, and i could not be happier.  now i need to get my act together and plaster my walls with these babies.  thanks, miss meredith, for these treasures.

















fueling {your fire}

you guys!!  thank you for all your amazing comments on here, facebook, and instagram.  sounds like that last post struck a chord with you all, and it was really encouraging for me to hear your feedback.  while i know i’m not doing this alone, it’s great to hear that you all are facing the same things.  i keep thinking that women (and men) have been raising babies for millions of years, so why do i feel so much like i’m drowning?  the truth is that they were probably overwhelmed too, they just didn’t have this little thing called social media to publicize it.  sadly, i think beckett has started to pick up on my ‘funk’ and is developing one of his own.  that’s where i draw the line, and i need to get things turned around stat.

so i’m making a plan.  i’m figuring out what i need to fill my tank and get some fire back, and i think those things are rest, creative time, and church.  i’m telling you so you can hold me accountable.

  • rest – i am really struggling with getting a sufficient amount of sleep (chloe has been a sleep-hater lately – dang!), so i’m going to pick 3 nights a week, and go to bed early.  that starts tonight.
  • creative time – jared has agreed to keep the kids occupied for a few hours on saturday mornings so i can get my hands ‘dirty’ again – taking pictures, sewing, painting, whatever.  this stuff really makes me feel so good – and productive!  bonus is that i’ll have more to share with you here!
  • church – it has been far too long since we were regular church-goers, and i want to change that.  i think it’ll help get our week started on the right note.

will you make a plan too?  no need to tell me what yours is (or do!  i’d really love to hear!), but let’s start taking care of ourselves, friends.

in other news, beckett and chloe were a quarterback (james franklin to be exact) and his trusty football for halloween.   it was pretty cute.




beckett {says}

here’s the set-up.  we’re driving down the road and beckett is looking for cows.  sometimes we see them on some property close to our house.

me:  i don’t see any cows today, kiddo.

beckett:  mama, i am not a kiddo.  my name is beckett, and i am a kid.

well, consider me put in my place.

 {here he is looking 14}


that day that beckett {went to preschool}

oh my gosh.  this might seem like no big deal to you, but it was a moment for me.  i spent every first day of school on the steps of my parents’ house doing this very thing, and now i am doing it for my. own. child.  what!?!  preschool has symbolized the turning of a page for me – the beginning of beckett being pulled away from me.  i know that probably seems dramatic, since he’s only at school two mornings a week – but next year it’ll be three mornings, the next a few full days, and the next….gulp….kindergarten.  i can’t even go there.

anyway, beckett is loving school.  he comes home talking about his ‘two nice guys’ every day – holbrook and cole.  the funny thing is – i know both of the boys parents, but beckett had never met the kids before.  he loves gym class – that’s pretty much a given because this boy has an amazing amount of energy to burn – but he also loves going to the library.  he looks forward to school, and when i tell him it’s a school day, he throws his hands up and says, ‘yayyyyyy, schoooooool!’




{you may not be able to tell, but was excited.  }IMG_5133

beckett {3 years old}

three years old – what!?!   here you are on your birthday.  we were bursting with pride and fear and joy.  we could have never imagined what a spectacular kid you would become.   5041447485_251f5cf837_o

beckett, at 3 years old, you are well-spoken, sweet, ‘fiery’ (code for ‘a pill’) at times, energetic, brave, outgoing, coordinated, opinionated, and funny.  you love baseball (i can hear you singing ‘take me out to the ballgame’ in your room right now), anything with a motor, puzzles, legos, and being outside, macaroni & cheese, watermelon, red peppers, ice cream and m&m’s.  you say ‘i love you, too’ when we say i love you, you play pretend and tell stories with your cars, your ‘L’s’ are ‘w’s’, you say ‘i need’, then hold your hand to your mouth and whisper something like ‘a surprise’, ‘to play trains’, etc. (like you’re letting us in on your secret).  you approach random kids on the playground and try to play with them – mostly older girls – and i love that you initiate play instead of depending on us.  you still nap (and are much happier if you do), love the movies ‘finding nemo’, ‘cars’, and ‘lion king’, and you and chloe are becoming buddies (though you don’t like her chewing on your new birthday toys).  you guys can give each other the giggles now, and i just wish i could freeze those moments.  i get choked up every time.

the biggest thing going on in your life right now is that you just started school.  you go tuesdays and thursdays, 8.15 – 12, and you are loving it.  we thought you were ready for something, and i really think school fills a little void i didn’t know you had.  you are so excited to go, and you come home on a little buzz after your mornings there.  though you can surely give us a run for our money at home, you truly have a sweet spirit, and you’ve shown it at school already.  there’s a boy in your class that is having a hard time transitioning – he is missing his mama.  your teacher told me that you’ve been so sweet to him, taking him by the hand and helping him and telling him it’ll be ok and that his mama will be back soon.  it made me pretty much explode with pride to hear this from her.  you have really always been empathetic, and that will do you well all your life.  i also think school has made you a little more sure of yourself, which is most of the reason i wanted you there.  not that you needed help, but i really just wanted you to have a social experience without us.

beckett, your parents sure adore you.  happy birthday buddy.

we had shenanigans at our house all weekend, and we are still recovering.  here are a few pictures from the family birthday party.  hope to recap our, i mean his, friend party soon,  it turned out pretty darn cute.  side note:  he had a much better time than these pictures show.  i swear, the moment the camera comes out, he is stone faced!


it was pretty darn special to have both sets of grandparents, and 3 of your great-grandparents all in one place.

and just to make you cry at how quickly it all goes….or maybe that’s just me.
{1 year old}
{2 years old}
{and then, at christmas, he began to look like a man}

deja vu {all over again}

miller is a good dog.  i have never worried that he would harm the kids {except for the occasional excited tail-whip}, and he is such a protector.  he and beckett are good buddies now, and i hope chloe will love him just as much.  weirdly, these photos were taken when beckett and chloe were almost the exact same age.  more evidence that miller is, in fact, a human trapped in a dog’s body.