for the kids {window painting}

this project was a total win and took me about 3 minutes to get ready.  it let the kids play with paint, but involved NO MESS, which i know is what scares most people about art projects.  all three kids {ages 1, 3 & 6} played with it at some point during the day drawing squiggles, practicing letters, numbers, names, and tic-tac-toe.  heck, i even liked it.

i’m pretty sure you could use any type of paint, but i had acrylic on hand so i squirted 4 colors in different spots in a gallon-sized bag, squeezed the air out and used packing tape {so you can still see thru it} to make sure that sucker was closed…because i knew someone would try to open it…and they did try.  once it’s taped closed, you can tape it to a table, highchair tray, or on a window.  we liked this best since it looked a lot cooler when the sun shined through.  just start squishing and see what your kids come up with!img_9757






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