new art {in the dining room}

so, months ago, my sweet and amazingly artistic friend, becky, came to my house.  did i say she was amazingly talented?  because, really, that’s a gross understatement.  anyway, on her way out, she suggested that my dining room needed a huge black and white piece of art.  bam!  i had been thinking the exact same thing, so i knew the idea was a ‘go’.  the wall is big, and it needed something big – like 4ft x 5 ft big – and i knew i wanted to try to do it myself.  having made the decision to do a black and white piece, i was then paralyzed in choosing what i wanted…for weeks.  i did lots of searching for pieces i liked and thought were do-able, but came up with nothing i was really wowed by.  a few weeks later, becky sent me this, and basically said, ‘do it’.  it was the perfect piece just the push i needed.


so, with a little coaching, i did it….



i mean, i know it’s not perfect, and i still might go back and touch it up, but it’s exactly what the room needed – a bit of edge to contrast the feminine chandelier – and it makes for a pretty bold entrance into our home.  it’s the first thing you see.  whammo.


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