chloe {7 months}

ok, ok, i know chloe is actually 8 months today.  i’m doing the doggy-paddle and trying to keep my head above water over here, and sadly, this blog falls to the bottom of the list.  i really hope i can get back at it one of these days.  we’ve done lots of little projects around here but i can’t seem to get organized enough to write about them.  ok, no more excuses.  just want you to know i’m not forgetting about this, i just need about 2 more waking hours a day…or at least for chloe to sleep through the night consistently so i begin not to feel like a walking zombie.

chloe dear, at 7 months, you were full-on crawling – you officially got the hang of that at about 6 1/2 months.  you were pulling up too!  i don’t have a ton of notes from month 7 because i think you were really working on crawling and pulling up, and girl, you’ve got it down.  you are in. constant. motion.  you are not a huge fan of being confined in any way – that means the ‘command center’ (that’s what we call the play center that she can sit in), high chair, and even being held.  rock this girl to sleep?  only on a very rare occasion.  speaking of sleep…

this month of sleep was not good.  you probably slept through a third of them, which is a start.  i’m a lot more at peace with it than i was a month ago.  don’t get me wrong, i don’t like getting up, but sometimes, you just need a little extra love i guess.  we’ve tried to let you fuss and cry, but i really think you would cry for hours if we let you, and we just can’t do it.  i end up nursing you, and you go right back to sleep.  truthfully, it’s the easiest thing to do.  you won’t be this little for long, and i can see the light at the end of the tunnel on the sleeping front.

we slowly introduced different kinds of food, and you have been a fan of most of it.  i skipped the rice cereal since it seems that no baby really likes it, and jumped right in with carrots.  we moved onto sweet potatoes, squash, other veggies, and then fruit.  you’re a good little eater.  you are jabbering a lot!!  still saying mama and baba mostly.  you and beckett can really give each other the giggles now and you’re starting to interact with each other a lot more.  it is so dang sweet.



{do you ever look down and realize you dressed yourself and your kid(s) alike?  happens probably twice a week here.}


{the face of the moment}IMG_0057





chloe {6 month pictures}

i’m finally getting around to posting sweet chloe’s 6 month pictures.  i know i’ve talked about how happy this child is, but these pictures capture her perfectly – unbelievably happy, curious, and in constant motion.  jared had to help me with these because she was so focused on crawling all over this blanket that i couldn’t distract her enough to look at the camera.  i really love how these turned out.








{we see this face a lot – snorting comes with it}




and off she goes again.  the serape blanket is from arrow & aspen, who initially sent me a blanket different from the one i ordered.  they were so sweet to send me the correct one and gift the original one to me to apologize for the mix up.  thanks guys.  i am loving these, and i keep moving them around our house to figure out where i like them best.  their permanent home is still tbd.

chloe {6 months}

chloe, once again, you are much closer to 7 months than 6, but i wanted to have your stats this time and your appointment was just monday.  and your stats – i’m kind of in shock.  you are 18 lbs, which puts you in the 50ish percentile, and you are 27 1/4 in tall, which puts you in the 90th percentile!!  people, is this really my baby?  i’m 5’2″!

i think this has been your most changing month.  i thought beckett was active, but you kind of put him to shame, which scares me.  at your 6 month mark, on august 1st, you were definitely moving around – mostly inchworming, and army crawling.  your legs are crawling, but you haven’t figured out the arms, so you just launch your body forward and let your feet catch up.  you can now go from ‘crawling’ to sitting up by yourself, and have started to sit up for long periods of time.  you are babbling – yaya and mama!  beckett didn’t say mama for a looooong time, so this kind of thrilled me.  and i swear that you’re saying it to me – when you’re hungry or tired or just a little fussy, it’s mamamamama.  it’s probably all in my head.  you still have some pretty sweet cheeks, but you continue to thin out.  you’re eyes are so sparkly, but we still can’t quite tell the color – some days they’re blue, some days gray, and sometimes we see a little green.

i read in my notes that you slept three nights in a row for 12 hours.  i don’t think that has happened more than that since, and we have two cute little teeth and a cold to thank for that.  both have completely wrecked your sleep, and mine too.  dang.  it’s been about three nights of good sleep, three nights of terrible, alternating this month.  sleep or no sleep, you are still the happiest kid i ever did meet.

beckett has been calling you clo quite a bit recently, and he even throws out a chlostine every now and then.  you guys are getting pretty cute together.






{celebrating the half birthday with half a cake.  red velvet of course.}IMG_4928








chloe {5 months}

chloe, your personality is really starting to shine, and it’s so fun to see you become who you’re going to be.  i swear, you are the happiest baby – super smiley and easygoing 99% of the time.

you went on your first trip this month – to san diego!  dad had a conference, and you and i tagged along.  b-man stayed behind with the grandparents, and we got to have lots of one-on-one time with you – a treat {but we sure missed beckett}!  you were an amazingly good traveler and were very go-with-the-flow.  we got back on a wednesday, and the next thursday, we were on a plane again – this time all four of us – to louisiana for my cousin, emily’s, wedding.  we had so much fun seeing my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and you were a champ at getting passed around.

you are so so active, my dear.  if i’m holding you, you love to ‘jump’, and if you’re on the floor, you’re rolling around or scooting.  you’re up on your hands and knees, rocking, doing planks, and even getting one knee going forward.  i don’t think we have much longer until you’re crawling.  you’re figuring out how to move {by rolling or scooting}, and it’s mostly backwards right now.  it’s pretty much a guarantee that if i put you down, you’ll be somewhere else by the time i turn around.  almost time for us to put up the baby gates – your mobility snuck right up on us!  you are nearly sitting up, and are squealing quite a bit.  your cheeks and sides of your stomach are ticklish, and you are happy to laugh most anytime.  you are grabbing for everything!  my hair is one of your favorite things to go for – ouch – but anything that you can get your hands on, you are swiping at and chewing on.  you are blowing raspberries and drooling like crazy, but no teeth yet.

we’re figuring out the sleep thing!  i was so done getting up so much in the night.  i was feeling like a wreck during the day {daddy too}, so i decided to revisit some of my books.  i stopped nursing you to sleep {which i had been doing for one nap and at bedtime}, and i swear, the switch flipped, and you started sleeping!  maybe it was total coincidence.  i don’t care.  i feel like a new woman.  when i rock you to get you sleepy, you like to hold hands, touch my face, or rub my shoulder – it’s such a sweet quiet time with you.

{shiny, happy girl}




{look, you were in san diego!}

IMG_4412 IMG_4409

{aaaaand, i just found my new favorite picture of you}

deja vu {all over again}

miller is a good dog.  i have never worried that he would harm the kids {except for the occasional excited tail-whip}, and he is such a protector.  he and beckett are good buddies now, and i hope chloe will love him just as much.  weirdly, these photos were taken when beckett and chloe were almost the exact same age.  more evidence that miller is, in fact, a human trapped in a dog’s body.  




chloe {4 months}

today, chloe turned 5 months old!  and once again, i’m a month behind.  i’ll figure this out at some point.

sweet little clover, you are getting so darn fun.  i feel like this month, you really made some strides.  it seemed like over a week’s time, you went from newborn to a straight-up baby.  you are smiling a ton and reaching for things, and i can hardly get a clear picture of you because you’re in constant motion.  at 4 months, you are nearly 16 pounds and 25 inches, which puts you in the 75% percentile.  you are getting so big, yet i look at you sometimes, and realize you’re still just a tiny thing.  this month, you rolled over from your back to your belly, and you haven’t quit rolling around.  you’re advanced, my sweet girl.  it didn’t take long for you to get really quick, and you love being on your belly, so you can watch all that goes on – mainly beckett running around.  you  love watching him, and he can really make you smile now.  the downside of all this rolling around is that it wrecked your sleep – and mine!  you had been sleeping from about 8pm – 4am (with a feeding around 10, while you sleep), but we are now getting up with you several times a night – anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.  ugh.  also on the not-so-awesome front, for a few weeks this month, you would scream if anyone but your dad or i would hold you.  it was kind of sweet knowing you only wanted us, but i think the grandparents are a lot happier now you’ll go to them easily.  other fun facts – your cheeks are ticklish.  that’s my go-to for a grin.  you have hair!  beckett was bald until he was about 18 months, so i feel like you look so different.



{found your feet!  a nice little built-in toy}IMG_3956


{your thighs are thunderous perfection}




{with you on the floor so much now, you and miller have become buddies}








chloe {a portrait at 3 months}

i know my posts have been quite kid-centric lately, but guess what, my life revolves around them.  this is our life right now, and i love it.  it’s exactly what i should (and want to) be doing.  (although, i must admit there are days when i wish i could have just a morsel of time to be all-about-me.  i’m just keeping it real, people).  i do know that someday i’ll wish for these days of wiping little noses and rocking babies to sleep, so i’m really trying to be present.  i could cry just thinking about them being all grown up.  anyway, i digress.  we were outside a few weeks ago, and the light was just right, and i snapped a million pictures of chloe.  here are a few of the best.  they will probably all look exactly the same to you, but i see a different face in each one.  i am so in love with this little girl.






chloe {3 months}

chloe, you are changing and progressing so rapidly.  on april 8th, you rolled over from belly to back for the first time.  i sure wasn’t expecting you to do that already!  just a few days later, we heard you laugh for the first time.  it was more like a chuckle than a belly laugh, but so sweet to hear.  you had a good belly laugh 2 weeks later, and daddy got some of it on video.  you’re slowly coming out of what i lovingly call the ‘baby blob’ stage.  i am loving seeing you change, but that newborn stage is oh-so-sweet.  you slept through the night a few nights, but at the 3 month mark, i was still up at about 4, which i really can’t complain about.  at the beginning of may, you were so close to rolling over from your back to belly – whoa, nelly!  i have a feeling that you might be an early developer – yay! and yikes!

beckett is much more interested in you as you start to do more stuff, and we’re still trying to teach him that he needs to be super gentle. he’s good most of the time, but then he’ll get a little wild streak and try to poke your eyes or something.  i have a feeling you’ll be ready to fight back in no time.



{the drooling has begun!}IMG_3351



chloe {2 months}

it is downright pitiful that i haven’t written a 2 month post about my daughter and she’s nearly 4 months old.  sheesh.  sorry, sweet chloe.  this is not a reflection of how much i love you, because, quite frankly, i feel like my heart might explode every time i look at you.  you are one great baby, and i don’t want you to think any less.

right after you turned a month old, we moved you into your own room.  your dear daddy is an awfully light sleeper, and i just figured we didn’t both need to be sleep deprived.  plus, your room is about 8 feet from ours, so it’s not that long of a walk.  :)  i have liked having you in there, because when i nurse you to sleep at night, it’s just you and me and the quiet, which doesn’t happen very often.  at two months, you are cooing a bit and smiling quite a bit.  you’ve found your hands, and you sure love to chew on them.  you also chew on your tongue from time to time.  at your two month check, you were a little over 12 pounds and 23 inches – that means you’ve nearly doubled your body weight since birth, and grown 2 inches!  yowza!  that puts you in about the 75th percentile for each.  i remember beckett was in the higher percentiles at first, and then has settled around the 50th, so it’ll be really interesting to see where you end up.  you’re holding your head up much better, and just getting bigger by the day.

i finally finished your room {which i hope to write about soon}, and it’s one i feel pretty proud of.  i made several things that are in there, and it’s a little girly, but not too much; a little whimsical, and a teeny bit baby – i mean, there’s a crib in there.  yours is the first room in the house that’s ‘done’.