chloe {a portrait at 3 months}

i know my posts have been quite kid-centric lately, but guess what, my life revolves around them.  this is our life right now, and i love it.  it’s exactly what i should (and want to) be doing.  (although, i must admit there are days when i wish i could have just a morsel of time to be all-about-me.  i’m just keeping it real, people).  i do know that someday i’ll wish for these days of wiping little noses and rocking babies to sleep, so i’m really trying to be present.  i could cry just thinking about them being all grown up.  anyway, i digress.  we were outside a few weeks ago, and the light was just right, and i snapped a million pictures of chloe.  here are a few of the best.  they will probably all look exactly the same to you, but i see a different face in each one.  i am so in love with this little girl.







6 thoughts on “chloe {a portrait at 3 months}

  1. Darling! Such a sweet smile. Are those dimples I see? What is her eye color? So can’t wait to see her in person! As a mother of graduating seniors, you have the right attitude; cuddle as much as possible and be “in the moment” when you do. Hugs!

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