chloe {2 months}

it is downright pitiful that i haven’t written a 2 month post about my daughter and she’s nearly 4 months old.  sheesh.  sorry, sweet chloe.  this is not a reflection of how much i love you, because, quite frankly, i feel like my heart might explode every time i look at you.  you are one great baby, and i don’t want you to think any less.

right after you turned a month old, we moved you into your own room.  your dear daddy is an awfully light sleeper, and i just figured we didn’t both need to be sleep deprived.  plus, your room is about 8 feet from ours, so it’s not that long of a walk.  :)  i have liked having you in there, because when i nurse you to sleep at night, it’s just you and me and the quiet, which doesn’t happen very often.  at two months, you are cooing a bit and smiling quite a bit.  you’ve found your hands, and you sure love to chew on them.  you also chew on your tongue from time to time.  at your two month check, you were a little over 12 pounds and 23 inches – that means you’ve nearly doubled your body weight since birth, and grown 2 inches!  yowza!  that puts you in about the 75th percentile for each.  i remember beckett was in the higher percentiles at first, and then has settled around the 50th, so it’ll be really interesting to see where you end up.  you’re holding your head up much better, and just getting bigger by the day.

i finally finished your room {which i hope to write about soon}, and it’s one i feel pretty proud of.  i made several things that are in there, and it’s a little girly, but not too much; a little whimsical, and a teeny bit baby – i mean, there’s a crib in there.  yours is the first room in the house that’s ‘done’.





2 thoughts on “chloe {2 months}

  1. She is so perfect, Cara. Congratulations on a growing and beautiful family. I really hope to meet them both before they get too big!

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