chloe {3 months}

chloe, you are changing and progressing so rapidly.  on april 8th, you rolled over from belly to back for the first time.  i sure wasn’t expecting you to do that already!  just a few days later, we heard you laugh for the first time.  it was more like a chuckle than a belly laugh, but so sweet to hear.  you had a good belly laugh 2 weeks later, and daddy got some of it on video.  you’re slowly coming out of what i lovingly call the ‘baby blob’ stage.  i am loving seeing you change, but that newborn stage is oh-so-sweet.  you slept through the night a few nights, but at the 3 month mark, i was still up at about 4, which i really can’t complain about.  at the beginning of may, you were so close to rolling over from your back to belly – whoa, nelly!  i have a feeling that you might be an early developer – yay! and yikes!

beckett is much more interested in you as you start to do more stuff, and we’re still trying to teach him that he needs to be super gentle. he’s good most of the time, but then he’ll get a little wild streak and try to poke your eyes or something.  i have a feeling you’ll be ready to fight back in no time.



{the drooling has begun!}IMG_3351




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