chloe {5 months}

chloe, your personality is really starting to shine, and it’s so fun to see you become who you’re going to be.  i swear, you are the happiest baby – super smiley and easygoing 99% of the time.

you went on your first trip this month – to san diego!  dad had a conference, and you and i tagged along.  b-man stayed behind with the grandparents, and we got to have lots of one-on-one time with you – a treat {but we sure missed beckett}!  you were an amazingly good traveler and were very go-with-the-flow.  we got back on a wednesday, and the next thursday, we were on a plane again – this time all four of us – to louisiana for my cousin, emily’s, wedding.  we had so much fun seeing my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and you were a champ at getting passed around.

you are so so active, my dear.  if i’m holding you, you love to ‘jump’, and if you’re on the floor, you’re rolling around or scooting.  you’re up on your hands and knees, rocking, doing planks, and even getting one knee going forward.  i don’t think we have much longer until you’re crawling.  you’re figuring out how to move {by rolling or scooting}, and it’s mostly backwards right now.  it’s pretty much a guarantee that if i put you down, you’ll be somewhere else by the time i turn around.  almost time for us to put up the baby gates – your mobility snuck right up on us!  you are nearly sitting up, and are squealing quite a bit.  your cheeks and sides of your stomach are ticklish, and you are happy to laugh most anytime.  you are grabbing for everything!  my hair is one of your favorite things to go for – ouch – but anything that you can get your hands on, you are swiping at and chewing on.  you are blowing raspberries and drooling like crazy, but no teeth yet.

we’re figuring out the sleep thing!  i was so done getting up so much in the night.  i was feeling like a wreck during the day {daddy too}, so i decided to revisit some of my books.  i stopped nursing you to sleep {which i had been doing for one nap and at bedtime}, and i swear, the switch flipped, and you started sleeping!  maybe it was total coincidence.  i don’t care.  i feel like a new woman.  when i rock you to get you sleepy, you like to hold hands, touch my face, or rub my shoulder – it’s such a sweet quiet time with you.

{shiny, happy girl}




{look, you were in san diego!}

IMG_4412 IMG_4409

{aaaaand, i just found my new favorite picture of you}

3 thoughts on “chloe {5 months}

  1. That last photo says it all–hang on to your hat, folks–Chloe’s ready to go! What a wonderful smile! Glad you had fun on your travels!

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