chloe {7 months}

ok, ok, i know chloe is actually 8 months today.  i’m doing the doggy-paddle and trying to keep my head above water over here, and sadly, this blog falls to the bottom of the list.  i really hope i can get back at it one of these days.  we’ve done lots of little projects around here but i can’t seem to get organized enough to write about them.  ok, no more excuses.  just want you to know i’m not forgetting about this, i just need about 2 more waking hours a day…or at least for chloe to sleep through the night consistently so i begin not to feel like a walking zombie.

chloe dear, at 7 months, you were full-on crawling – you officially got the hang of that at about 6 1/2 months.  you were pulling up too!  i don’t have a ton of notes from month 7 because i think you were really working on crawling and pulling up, and girl, you’ve got it down.  you are in. constant. motion.  you are not a huge fan of being confined in any way – that means the ‘command center’ (that’s what we call the play center that she can sit in), high chair, and even being held.  rock this girl to sleep?  only on a very rare occasion.  speaking of sleep…

this month of sleep was not good.  you probably slept through a third of them, which is a start.  i’m a lot more at peace with it than i was a month ago.  don’t get me wrong, i don’t like getting up, but sometimes, you just need a little extra love i guess.  we’ve tried to let you fuss and cry, but i really think you would cry for hours if we let you, and we just can’t do it.  i end up nursing you, and you go right back to sleep.  truthfully, it’s the easiest thing to do.  you won’t be this little for long, and i can see the light at the end of the tunnel on the sleeping front.

we slowly introduced different kinds of food, and you have been a fan of most of it.  i skipped the rice cereal since it seems that no baby really likes it, and jumped right in with carrots.  we moved onto sweet potatoes, squash, other veggies, and then fruit.  you’re a good little eater.  you are jabbering a lot!!  still saying mama and baba mostly.  you and beckett can really give each other the giggles now and you’re starting to interact with each other a lot more.  it is so dang sweet.



{do you ever look down and realize you dressed yourself and your kid(s) alike?  happens probably twice a week here.}


{the face of the moment}IMG_0057





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