chloe {6 months}

chloe, once again, you are much closer to 7 months than 6, but i wanted to have your stats this time and your appointment was just monday.  and your stats – i’m kind of in shock.  you are 18 lbs, which puts you in the 50ish percentile, and you are 27 1/4 in tall, which puts you in the 90th percentile!!  people, is this really my baby?  i’m 5’2″!

i think this has been your most changing month.  i thought beckett was active, but you kind of put him to shame, which scares me.  at your 6 month mark, on august 1st, you were definitely moving around – mostly inchworming, and army crawling.  your legs are crawling, but you haven’t figured out the arms, so you just launch your body forward and let your feet catch up.  you can now go from ‘crawling’ to sitting up by yourself, and have started to sit up for long periods of time.  you are babbling – yaya and mama!  beckett didn’t say mama for a looooong time, so this kind of thrilled me.  and i swear that you’re saying it to me – when you’re hungry or tired or just a little fussy, it’s mamamamama.  it’s probably all in my head.  you still have some pretty sweet cheeks, but you continue to thin out.  you’re eyes are so sparkly, but we still can’t quite tell the color – some days they’re blue, some days gray, and sometimes we see a little green.

i read in my notes that you slept three nights in a row for 12 hours.  i don’t think that has happened more than that since, and we have two cute little teeth and a cold to thank for that.  both have completely wrecked your sleep, and mine too.  dang.  it’s been about three nights of good sleep, three nights of terrible, alternating this month.  sleep or no sleep, you are still the happiest kid i ever did meet.

beckett has been calling you clo quite a bit recently, and he even throws out a chlostine every now and then.  you guys are getting pretty cute together.






{celebrating the half birthday with half a cake.  red velvet of course.}IMG_4928









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