chloe {4 months}

today, chloe turned 5 months old!  and once again, i’m a month behind.  i’ll figure this out at some point.

sweet little clover, you are getting so darn fun.  i feel like this month, you really made some strides.  it seemed like over a week’s time, you went from newborn to a straight-up baby.  you are smiling a ton and reaching for things, and i can hardly get a clear picture of you because you’re in constant motion.  at 4 months, you are nearly 16 pounds and 25 inches, which puts you in the 75% percentile.  you are getting so big, yet i look at you sometimes, and realize you’re still just a tiny thing.  this month, you rolled over from your back to your belly, and you haven’t quit rolling around.  you’re advanced, my sweet girl.  it didn’t take long for you to get really quick, and you love being on your belly, so you can watch all that goes on – mainly beckett running around.  you  love watching him, and he can really make you smile now.  the downside of all this rolling around is that it wrecked your sleep – and mine!  you had been sleeping from about 8pm – 4am (with a feeding around 10, while you sleep), but we are now getting up with you several times a night – anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.  ugh.  also on the not-so-awesome front, for a few weeks this month, you would scream if anyone but your dad or i would hold you.  it was kind of sweet knowing you only wanted us, but i think the grandparents are a lot happier now you’ll go to them easily.  other fun facts – your cheeks are ticklish.  that’s my go-to for a grin.  you have hair!  beckett was bald until he was about 18 months, so i feel like you look so different.



{found your feet!  a nice little built-in toy}IMG_3956


{your thighs are thunderous perfection}




{with you on the floor so much now, you and miller have become buddies}









One thought on “chloe {4 months}

  1. So precious! I miss holding her! Hope she remembers that “sleep through the night thing” soon. I also want to compliment your photography, Cara! The close-ups (on thighs–don’t come near mine) and with the dog are really beautiful. You will be so glad you kept this blog/log of the kids’ development. Way to go, mom!

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