5 minute face

i keep things pretty simple when it comes to make-up.  if i’m in a super-hurry, it’s just tinted moisturizer and blush, and if i’m going all-out, i add a little eyeliner to this mix (let’s be honest, that’s probably about twice a month).  but my typical day includes (from l to r) a brow pencil, concealer, mascara, tinted moisturizer with spf, and blush.  i’m not super loyal to many products, but one thing i always come back to is the voluminous mascara from l’oreal.  i’ve tried a million brands from drugstore to department store, and this is the ONE.  the nars blush and josie maran tinted moisturizer are newer in my rotation, and i am loving them.  the blush (color is ‘orgasm’) is just enough color, and the teensiest bit of shimmer, and the tinted moisturizer provides just the right amount of coverage.  my skin leans to the dry side, so i usually slather on a serum or moisturizer even before this step.  also, that pink blending sponge is great, particularly for concealer.  all in all, though, it’s about a 5 minute process….with hudson at my feet pulling out all my hair products and scattering them around the room.  hey, whatever it takes to get the job done.

what beauty products can you not live without??



the love of locks

as much as i loved chopping 8 inches off my hair and donating it last fall, i am really wanting it to be long again.  there is no shortage of cute hair styles right now, and i feel like every time i turn around, i see something i want to try.  the trouble is that i’m in that in-between stage – ugh.  just a few more months and i can start getting a little more creative.

{all via my pinterest}

and my personal favorite, although i can never seem to get it quite right.

motivation…or the lack thereof

i am finding it very hard to be productive.  after being sick last weekend, i’m finding that the energy-suck that sickness brings is hanging around.  or maybe it’s that i spent the morning chasing the short guy around monkey bizness – a must-do if you want to wear your kiddo out.  b was pink-faced and sweating by the time i finally had to drag him out of there.

so, instead of a real post, i’ll leave you with a few pretty pictures.  and maybe you can tell me:  what do you do to kick yourself back into gear?

{holy beading!}

if you told me 10 years ago that i would love gold now, i would have slapped you in the face.  but now, i totally want this pendant to come live in my house.

{why didn’t i get the invite for this party?}

{peplum for your arms – love!}

{what a great kid’s room.  get a load of that art!}

hooray for hollywood

did you watch the oscars last night?  my favorite moment was cirque du soleil – wow, wow, wow.  also pretty fun was that a fraternity brother of jared’s won the oscar for best documentary – congrats to dan lindsay for undefeated!  we have yet to see it, but have heard that it’s awesome.

in seeing bits and pieces of the red carpet and most of the show, i noticed a few recurring trends.

{click each picture to enlarge}

my nominees for best dressed are rose byrne, michelle williams, and milla jovovich – they were all classic and streamlined, but clearly ready for the oscars.  did you have a favorite?

five minute face

since becoming a mother, i really value my time ‘off’ (hello naptime!), and i don’t want to spend it getting ready.  i am often jumping in and out of the shower, giving my hair a quick brush, throwing on some make up, and calling it good.  here’s what i call my five minute face – a few easy steps that get me from point a to b in a hurry.



i often mix this with my moisturizer so it’s more sheer

{eyelash curler}




this is the best lip balm i’ve ever found.  it’s super-thick and will stay with you for a long time.