non-toy gift guide

i just heard that we only have 5 weekends left until christmas – say what!!!???!!!  it still feels warm and fallish here in KC, and i haven’t really had christmas on the brain…until now.  i’m trying hard to get my ducks in a row early this year so i can really enjoy the season and not get stressed out by the gift-buying and wrapping that i usually leave to the last minute.  i’m sure each of your kids, like ours, knows exactly what they want from the toy department, but here are a few non-toy ideas that are going to be appearing beneath our christmas tree.


  1. tee-pee – what kid doesn’t love a cozy little spot to peruse a book or play?
  2. lego book – what do you do with all those loose legos!?!  this book gives tons of ideas to build something new
  3. special skirt – chloe will lose her head when she opens this, and she will probably wear it basically every day, so the cost per wear will be pennies.
  4. yeti in my spaghetti – every time chloe sees an ad for this, she talks about how bad she wants it.  done.
  5. boogie board – i think my kids are a little young for this right now, but keeping this idea in my back pocket for the next time we take a long road trip.  would be great for practicing letters, numbers, math problems or just doodling.
  6. slippers – um, they’re fuzzy mice for little feet.  i can’t.
  7. watercolors – kids.  paint.  wonder.  enough said.
  8. bean bags – these are happening this year, and i got them personalized with each of the kids’ names.  i think they’ll like that special touch, and they’ll know who each one belongs to.  maybe no fighting since they will each get one!?!  we can only hope!
  9. indoor snowballs – i feel like this could use up a lot of pent-up energy in the basement this winter.  i’m lookin’ at you, beckett – our own personal energizer bunny.
  10. apron and utensils – for the little chef!
  11. kinetic sand – my kids play with this for hours, and i just added some to their wish list to add to what we already have
  12. purse – you can probably tell that chloe is into all things sparkly at the moment.  she is three after all!

now, i’d love to hear what non-toy items are going to be under your tree this christmas!




for the busy gal {stitch fix}

ladies, there’s something you need to know about .  it’s a little thing called stitch fix.  it’s perfect for the busy mama or working gal (or both!) who wants to stay current, but doesn’t have much time to shop. (me.  and probably you too.)  it’s a styling service.  you sign up, fill out a survey specifying your sizes, preferences, price points, and style, and they ship you a box containing 5 pieces.  it’s like getting a surprise present in the mail – holla!  you can choose to get them monthly, quarterly, twice a year, really whatever works for you.  you get a box on (or close to) a date of your choosing, try everything on, keep what you want, and send back what you don’t want (in a bag they provide that you just throw in your mailbox).  it really doesn’t get any easier.  there’s a $20 styling fee, but that goes toward your purchase, so it’s like it’s not there.  my first one was just ok, but each one has gotten better since you give feedback on each piece, whether you keep it or not.  the more feedback you give, the better they can do picking your next pieces.  i’ve sent a lot back, but i’ve gotten some really great pieces that i wear a ton and probably would not have picked out myself.  it’s great whether you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion, to add a few fun pieces to your wardrobe or create a totally new one.  happy shopping!

boho-1307cafaf6a0be22f9316339020d798b casual-chic-bd082ecf5ea5d39e1bc590f8663d2755 classic-ca48a7b8534b8075802b3472642b8a0e edge preppy-65680b6fe98dbebefd569eb2afc94536


wish list {winter edition}

well, we had, what i have to believe, is our last beautiful day this past weekend.  saturday was in the mid 70s and just gorgeous, and then yesterday, the bottom dropped out – there was ice on our deck by 4.00.  winter is coming (game of thrones anyone?), and since we had such a mild one last year, i am convinced this year will be a doozie.  here are a few things on my current wish list for the cold season.

hunter boots – i know everyone and their sister has a pair of these, but my current wellies have lived their life, and i’m due for a refresh.

hot chocolate – chocolate, salted caramel, enough said.

fox sweater – i’m having a moment with these animal sweaters and foxes – combine the two, and i’m sold.  once i have a normal belly again, plan on seeing me in one of these.

moccasins – a classic moc, i think i would wear these all. the. time.  they’re like winter’s flip-flop.

cloth napkins – new house calls for new napkins, right?

dutch oven – for making soup all winter long

floral fabric – if only this weren’t a million dollars a yard, i would slather ‘rosebud’s’ windows in this fabric and temper it with some black and white to keep it modern.  has anyone seen something similar that won’t send me to the poor house??

favorite things {sun edition}

summer is in full swing, and we’re having the temperatures to prove it.  the highs for the weekend are between 94 and 101 – yowza.  having a small child forces me to be outdoors more often, which i love, but i’ve decided i should be less of a friend to the sun than i have in years past.  i tan easily, but i’m learning that it’s no longer a real mark of beauty, but premature aging – dang it!  that said, i’ve deemed it the year of the hat, so you’ll notice some extra protective stuff on my list.  here are my must haves for the summer months.

{sun hatmoisturizersunscreensunglassesswimsuit, boys’ trunks, reading material}


a few months ago, i picked up the perfect leather clutch.  it lives in my mama-purse (i.e. cracker, diaper, toy carrier), but when i don’t need to lug around everything-beckett-could-possibly-need-at-a-moment’s-notice, i just pull it out and run,  and it’s a perfectly chic little clutch.  to kick it up a notch, i added a tassel that i made using this tutorial (a quickie $5-10 project).

{american apparel pouch/cara-made tassel}

yesterday, i came across this number, and was quickly reminded of my pouch.  similar, no?  personally, i like mine better, and it was about $50 cheaper.  i think that’s a win.

{k. slademade}


welcome to kc!  i was so happy to see that madewell is setting up camp at town center plaza.  they don’t have that many stores, so kc is pretty lucky to be getting one.  yay for us!  they’re owned by j. crew, and i can’t walk by one of those without stepping in, so i’m excited for madewell to open up shop.

they’ve got some fun stuff that’s giving me a little bit of spring fever…or it might be because it’s 70 here today!

shirtdress, tank, bomber jacket, platforms, sandals, ring, tote,

favorite things: home goods edition

this is the first of what i hope is many installments of a new feature i’m calling favorite things.  i’m starting off with a few things that i love having around the house, and you can expect more on baby stuff, food, clothes, etc.  if you’ve got an idea of something you’d like to see, let me know!

{voluspa candle in baltic amber – this scent is like heaven to me}

{marta glasses}

{furbish tray}

{simple white frames}

{striped hand towels}

{pretty books}

real estate: a bad habit

i have a bad habit of looking at real estate that’s way out of our league.  this leads to palpitations, sweaty palms and drooling over a home in which i could never hope to own…but it’s still worth it.  recently, we stumbled onto this house, and oh. my. goodness.  it’s a rare occurrence that i could move into a home and not want to change anything, but this house nearly does it.

{the exterior falls into my dream home category}

{a brick front porch big enough for furniture}

{ah yes, welcome to my home.  i know, it’s amazing.}

{oh, please include the office furnishings!}

{i would change out that light fixture stat, but big island!  professional grade appliances!  two sinks!}

{cozy den that adjoins the kitchen}

ok, so i’m counting on one of you to buy this beauty so i can come visit and then buy it from you when i win the lottery.  get busy.