5 minute face

i keep things pretty simple when it comes to make-up.  if i’m in a super-hurry, it’s just tinted moisturizer and blush, and if i’m going all-out, i add a little eyeliner to this mix (let’s be honest, that’s probably about twice a month).  but my typical day includes (from l to r) a brow pencil, concealer, mascara, tinted moisturizer with spf, and blush.  i’m not super loyal to many products, but one thing i always come back to is the voluminous mascara from l’oreal.  i’ve tried a million brands from drugstore to department store, and this is the ONE.  the nars blush and josie maran tinted moisturizer are newer in my rotation, and i am loving them.  the blush (color is ‘orgasm’) is just enough color, and the teensiest bit of shimmer, and the tinted moisturizer provides just the right amount of coverage.  my skin leans to the dry side, so i usually slather on a serum or moisturizer even before this step.  also, that pink blending sponge is great, particularly for concealer.  all in all, though, it’s about a 5 minute process….with hudson at my feet pulling out all my hair products and scattering them around the room.  hey, whatever it takes to get the job done.

what beauty products can you not live without??



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