motivation…or the lack thereof

i am finding it very hard to be productive.  after being sick last weekend, i’m finding that the energy-suck that sickness brings is hanging around.  or maybe it’s that i spent the morning chasing the short guy around monkey bizness – a must-do if you want to wear your kiddo out.  b was pink-faced and sweating by the time i finally had to drag him out of there.

so, instead of a real post, i’ll leave you with a few pretty pictures.  and maybe you can tell me:  what do you do to kick yourself back into gear?

{holy beading!}

if you told me 10 years ago that i would love gold now, i would have slapped you in the face.  but now, i totally want this pendant to come live in my house.

{why didn’t i get the invite for this party?}

{peplum for your arms – love!}

{what a great kid’s room.  get a load of that art!}


2 thoughts on “motivation…or the lack thereof

  1. I think this beaded top was inspired by Courtney’s “topless” ditty on the Bachelor, if you are watching this season you know what I mean.

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