beautiful lengths…or lack thereof

i love fall – we begin to get a break from the hot temps, football is in full swing, my wardrobe is transitioning, and the leaves are thinking about changing.  i have always felt that it can be a time for reinvention, and this year i went kinda big.  see that pony tail below?  a few short hours ago, it was attached to my head.  it actually looks kind of creepy, right?  well, i didn’t request to keep it just because.  i’m donating it to beautiful lengths.  i’ve wanted to do it for a long time, but never had hair long enough to where it wouldn’t be a pixie if i cut this much.  so, i’m happy it worked out this time.

i’ve done a drastic cut like this several times, but i was extra anxious today.  i guess because it’s been quite a while since my hair has been short.  i sat in my hairdresser’s seat, and i got her endorsement to make the big chop.  back it went into a ponytail, and then the unmistakable sound of it being cut.  i looked up, and she said ‘don’t give me that look.  there’s no going back now.’  the moment my hair fell, i already loved it.  she cleaned it up, gave me a few curls, and here’s the new look.

it’ll never look this good again – because i am not good with hair – but at least i feel good tonight.



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