have you discovered asos yet?  a friend turned me onto them, and i’m liking what i see.  it’s pretty inexpensive, and would be a great place to pick some of the trendy items for which you don’t want to spend too much.

a subtle animal print tee if you’re not into taking the trend too literally.

i think my mom-bag is wearing me out, considering i lug around books, diapers, animal crackers, etc. on a daily basis.  i am loving the idea of the oversized clutch – for night and day.

in my opinion, you can’t have too many belts.  a pretty skinny in mint.

loving the snood, by why in the heck do they call it that??  am i the only one who was addicted to the game, snood, in college?

and if you’re into channeling the royal wedding, the fascinator hat!  jess and christine – look out, i’m totally wearing this.  ;)

how pretty is this little number??

and for those of you who are breeding right now, they also carry cute maternity duds.  you’re not going to find this at the gap.


splurge/steal – tinted lips

during the summer, usually because i have a little color on my skin, my go to lip treatment is just a swipe of clear gloss.  but as fall and winter roll around, i become reacquainted with my love for lips with a shot of color.  this year, the color is red.  honestly, i think red is in style and in season no matter what, but i digress.  super red lips might not always ring your bell, but what about a little something called tinted balm?  it combines color (red in this case) and lip balm – two of my very favorite things.  i’ve tried both of these – they are both fabulous, and the color stays with you much longer than you’d think.  they come in a plethora of colors, so find the one that suits you and buy in multiples.  it might just be worth putting one of these in every purse, coat pocket, bathroom drawer, glove compartment, you get the idea…

{the splurge}

{the steal}

in the closet

i’ve given myself a little challenge.  i’m wearing something and when i hang it back up, i turn the hanger backwards, so i know that it’s been worn, signaling that i can’t wear it again until this little challenge is over.  basically, i’m trying to force myself to wear everything in my closet.  the stuff i pick around or don’t wear is going to leave the premises to make room for newer and cooler stuff.   so far, it’s going just fine, but i’ve only been doing it for a few weeks.  it’s a good reminder that i definitely have favorites, but also some cool pieces that i don’t wear often enough.  i’ll let you know if i have to kick some things out.

i’d also like to try the concept of 30 for 30 some time.  you pick 30 pieces from your closet (accessories excluded) and you mix and remix them for 30 days trying to see how many different looks you can come up with.  not sure i could actually pull it off, but i’d like to give it a shot.  if i do, i’ll try to document along the way and share it with you.

in other news, beckett has a new reading spot.  he’s spent quite a bit of time here the last couple of days and thinks it’s a pretty darn cool hang-out.  i only wish there was room for me!

distressed…in a good way

i bought these jeans about a year ago, and soon after, realized they were lighter than i really wanted them to be, so i stopped wearing them.  oops.  so, recently i came up with the idea to distress them.  i didn’t really have much to lose.

i found this picture to try to duplicate – i think it’s from j. crew – and went to work.

off  to the kitchen to break out my micro-plane – the thing you make lemon zest with.  stay with me here, i know it sounds a little crazy.  you could probably also use a pumice stone, steel brush, or heck maybe a cheese grater – just something with some grit.

i stuck my hand inside the jeans, the heel of my hand on the place i wanted to distress.  i stabilized the other side of the jeans with my knee to make sure they were taut.  then i just ran the micro plane back and forth until i was happy with the amount of distress.  i did the same thing in a few other places on the leg and pockets in the front and back.

ta da!  i don’t even know if distressed jeans are cool right now, but i like these a heck of a lot better than i did before.

miracle hair products

as i mentioned here, i am not at all talented when it comes to my hair.  i don’t have the patience to spend time on it, and it usually doesn’t turn out the way i envision.  that said, i rely on product to help my sorry skills.  i recently started using these from bumble and bumble, and they will forever stay a staple.  i use a dime to nickel-sized dollop of the styling creme on my roots, which gives me the lift i desperately need, and the surf spray adds some nice wave.  it’s great if i’m letting my hair air-dry and especially good if i diffused or curled my hair the day before – it does a great job at reviving it.  i spray it on when my hair is damp or dry.  the nice thing about this stuff is that you don’t need a lot, so it lasts a long time.  what are your hair secrets?  care to share?


style watch: michelle obama

whether you’re republican or democrat, or something entirely different, you can’t deny that michelle obama knows how to dress.  a true class act, she is a master mixer of high and low, and has worn everything from j. crew to jason wu.  here are a few of her more recent style statements…


if you’re interested in seeing more or keeping track of mrs. obama’s fashion, check out mrs. o.

style watch: rachel bilson

rachel bilson is another celeb whose style i like to watch.  i feel like she’s always on trend without being too trendy, and she always looks just like herself.  she knows what works on her petite frame, as you’ll see some recurring themes – blazers, scarfs, ankle boots, and wayfarers for example.  ladylike or casual, she’s always hitting the nail on the head.

pants of the rainbow

well, i inadvertently took a week off from the blogosphere.  i think i just extended the labor day weekend into the whole week – oops.  anywho, back to business.

i was perusing the latest issue of in style over the weekend, and one of the things that jumped out at me was brightly colored pants.  i’d like to add a pair to my closet for the fall, so i took a quick spin on the internets and pulled a few possibilities.  pair any of these with a white or chambray button-up, throw on a cute wedge and a chunky piece of jewelry – outfit complete for any day of the week.

{matchstick cords – j. crew}

{matchstick cords – j. crew}

{cafe capri – j. crew}

{slouchy pocket pants – gap}

{pilcro chinos – anthro}

these are so cute, although i’m not sure they would do the badonkadonk any favors.  you know what they say about horizontal stripes…

{mobara crops – anthro}

pretty pretty princess

well, i guess she’s a duchess, but whatever.  it’s been almost a week since the big to-do, and i’m still thinking about catherine’s gorgeous dresses from her wedding day.  they were both a pretty streamlined silhouette, but each had a definite personality, and the detail was extraordinary.

loved the folding on the back of the wedding dress at the waistline – i thought it gave it a little more presence.  and the sparkly tiara wasn’t too shabby.

i think the reception dress is actually my favorite.  maybe it’s the fact that she looks so darn relaxed in this picture.  you have to think she was breathing a little easier by then.  and that bejeweled waistline!  yes, please!


on another note, big congratulations to my sweet friends danelle and mike, who welcomed baby brock yesterday!