real estate: a bad habit

i have a bad habit of looking at real estate that’s way out of our league.  this leads to palpitations, sweaty palms and drooling over a home in which i could never hope to own…but it’s still worth it.  recently, we stumbled onto this house, and oh. my. goodness.  it’s a rare occurrence that i could move into a home and not want to change anything, but this house nearly does it.

{the exterior falls into my dream home category}

{a brick front porch big enough for furniture}

{ah yes, welcome to my home.  i know, it’s amazing.}

{oh, please include the office furnishings!}

{i would change out that light fixture stat, but big island!  professional grade appliances!  two sinks!}

{cozy den that adjoins the kitchen}

ok, so i’m counting on one of you to buy this beauty so i can come visit and then buy it from you when i win the lottery.  get busy.


2 thoughts on “real estate: a bad habit

  1. Gorgeous! We just closed on our new house today, but when my realtor asked if I wanted off of the listings I said, “Nope”. Like you, I love to look!

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