wish list {winter edition}

well, we had, what i have to believe, is our last beautiful day this past weekend.  saturday was in the mid 70s and just gorgeous, and then yesterday, the bottom dropped out – there was ice on our deck by 4.00.  winter is coming (game of thrones anyone?), and since we had such a mild one last year, i am convinced this year will be a doozie.  here are a few things on my current wish list for the cold season.

hunter boots – i know everyone and their sister has a pair of these, but my current wellies have lived their life, and i’m due for a refresh.

hot chocolate – chocolate, salted caramel, enough said.

fox sweater – i’m having a moment with these animal sweaters and foxes – combine the two, and i’m sold.  once i have a normal belly again, plan on seeing me in one of these.

moccasins – a classic moc, i think i would wear these all. the. time.  they’re like winter’s flip-flop.

cloth napkins – new house calls for new napkins, right?

dutch oven – for making soup all winter long

floral fabric – if only this weren’t a million dollars a yard, i would slather ‘rosebud’s’ windows in this fabric and temper it with some black and white to keep it modern.  has anyone seen something similar that won’t send me to the poor house??


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