for the busy gal {stitch fix}

ladies, there’s something you need to know about .  it’s a little thing called stitch fix.  it’s perfect for the busy mama or working gal (or both!) who wants to stay current, but doesn’t have much time to shop. (me.  and probably you too.)  it’s a styling service.  you sign up, fill out a survey specifying your sizes, preferences, price points, and style, and they ship you a box containing 5 pieces.  it’s like getting a surprise present in the mail – holla!  you can choose to get them monthly, quarterly, twice a year, really whatever works for you.  you get a box on (or close to) a date of your choosing, try everything on, keep what you want, and send back what you don’t want (in a bag they provide that you just throw in your mailbox).  it really doesn’t get any easier.  there’s a $20 styling fee, but that goes toward your purchase, so it’s like it’s not there.  my first one was just ok, but each one has gotten better since you give feedback on each piece, whether you keep it or not.  the more feedback you give, the better they can do picking your next pieces.  i’ve sent a lot back, but i’ve gotten some really great pieces that i wear a ton and probably would not have picked out myself.  it’s great whether you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion, to add a few fun pieces to your wardrobe or create a totally new one.  happy shopping!

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