that day that beckett {went to preschool}

oh my gosh.  this might seem like no big deal to you, but it was a moment for me.  i spent every first day of school on the steps of my parents’ house doing this very thing, and now i am doing it for my. own. child.  what!?!  preschool has symbolized the turning of a page for me – the beginning of beckett being pulled away from me.  i know that probably seems dramatic, since he’s only at school two mornings a week – but next year it’ll be three mornings, the next a few full days, and the next….gulp….kindergarten.  i can’t even go there.

anyway, beckett is loving school.  he comes home talking about his ‘two nice guys’ every day – holbrook and cole.  the funny thing is – i know both of the boys parents, but beckett had never met the kids before.  he loves gym class – that’s pretty much a given because this boy has an amazing amount of energy to burn – but he also loves going to the library.  he looks forward to school, and when i tell him it’s a school day, he throws his hands up and says, ‘yayyyyyy, schoooooool!’




{you may not be able to tell, but was excited.  }IMG_5133

beckett {3 years old}

three years old – what!?!   here you are on your birthday.  we were bursting with pride and fear and joy.  we could have never imagined what a spectacular kid you would become.   5041447485_251f5cf837_o

beckett, at 3 years old, you are well-spoken, sweet, ‘fiery’ (code for ‘a pill’) at times, energetic, brave, outgoing, coordinated, opinionated, and funny.  you love baseball (i can hear you singing ‘take me out to the ballgame’ in your room right now), anything with a motor, puzzles, legos, and being outside, macaroni & cheese, watermelon, red peppers, ice cream and m&m’s.  you say ‘i love you, too’ when we say i love you, you play pretend and tell stories with your cars, your ‘L’s’ are ‘w’s’, you say ‘i need’, then hold your hand to your mouth and whisper something like ‘a surprise’, ‘to play trains’, etc. (like you’re letting us in on your secret).  you approach random kids on the playground and try to play with them – mostly older girls – and i love that you initiate play instead of depending on us.  you still nap (and are much happier if you do), love the movies ‘finding nemo’, ‘cars’, and ‘lion king’, and you and chloe are becoming buddies (though you don’t like her chewing on your new birthday toys).  you guys can give each other the giggles now, and i just wish i could freeze those moments.  i get choked up every time.

the biggest thing going on in your life right now is that you just started school.  you go tuesdays and thursdays, 8.15 – 12, and you are loving it.  we thought you were ready for something, and i really think school fills a little void i didn’t know you had.  you are so excited to go, and you come home on a little buzz after your mornings there.  though you can surely give us a run for our money at home, you truly have a sweet spirit, and you’ve shown it at school already.  there’s a boy in your class that is having a hard time transitioning – he is missing his mama.  your teacher told me that you’ve been so sweet to him, taking him by the hand and helping him and telling him it’ll be ok and that his mama will be back soon.  it made me pretty much explode with pride to hear this from her.  you have really always been empathetic, and that will do you well all your life.  i also think school has made you a little more sure of yourself, which is most of the reason i wanted you there.  not that you needed help, but i really just wanted you to have a social experience without us.

beckett, your parents sure adore you.  happy birthday buddy.

we had shenanigans at our house all weekend, and we are still recovering.  here are a few pictures from the family birthday party.  hope to recap our, i mean his, friend party soon,  it turned out pretty darn cute.  side note:  he had a much better time than these pictures show.  i swear, the moment the camera comes out, he is stone faced!


it was pretty darn special to have both sets of grandparents, and 3 of your great-grandparents all in one place.

and just to make you cry at how quickly it all goes….or maybe that’s just me.
{1 year old}
{2 years old}
{and then, at christmas, he began to look like a man}

deja vu {all over again}

miller is a good dog.  i have never worried that he would harm the kids {except for the occasional excited tail-whip}, and he is such a protector.  he and beckett are good buddies now, and i hope chloe will love him just as much.  weirdly, these photos were taken when beckett and chloe were almost the exact same age.  more evidence that miller is, in fact, a human trapped in a dog’s body.  




beckett {highs and lows}

friends, you’ve seen a lot of chloe lately.  poor girl has some catching up to do!  i mean, we have about 5,347,882 pictures of beckett, so she has quite a way to go.  but, beckett – oh man.  you challenge me and fill my heart each day.

on the challenging front, you have entered a very physical stage.  you have hit chloe a few times and taken a few swings at your dad and i, and this my friend, we just won’t have.  time out doesn’t work that well (sometimes he volunteers for it!), so we threatened to put your trains away if you hurt someone on purpose.  also challenging is that you’d really prefer not to listen.  like, i could probably be shouting your name, and you might not even look back, or if you did, you might just laugh.  oh wait, this already happened…today.  not really sure how to get through to you there, but you better believe i’m going to keep trying.  any hot tips, friends?

on the opposite side of the spectrum, you made chloe laugh for the first time yesterday.  i was putting you down for a nap, and the three of us were laying in your bed.  you got the giggles, and it made chloe laugh too.  what a moment.  i know there will be many more where this came from, and i look forward to each and every one.  your beaming smile and laughter fill this house each day, and we. are. grateful.

{can you touch your nose with your tongue?}

{looking so grown-up these days}


beckett {says}

beckett has a new word – it’s ‘wah-wah’.  you know, like the sound when you give a wrong answer at a game?  the funnier part is that he knows in what context it should be used.

my parents were watching the kiddos last night and got him ready for bed.  my mom put on his pull-up (just in case), and he looked at her and said “wah-wah, they’re on backwards”.  we nearly fell off the couch when they told us.  this kid is so dang funny.  keep it up, little buddy.

{uh, pre-haircut}