it’s been a while {i’m back}

i find that blogging is a lot like working out.  as long as you’re in the habit of doing it every day, you’re all good, but the day you decide to break the cycle, you’re screwed.  that’s what has happened to me lately – with blogging – ok, maybe with working out too – but that’s another story.  let’s just say i’m refreshed and ready to be back.

as has been my monday tradition recently, let’s have a little review of the weekend…in pictures.

saturday, we headed downtown to the all star fanfest.  though beckett was a little young for most of the activities, he still had fun watching all the baseball fanfare.  we figured that since the last time the all star game was in kc it was 1973, we’d better take advantage of the situation.

you might notice a few new players in this team picture…

we are continuing to harvest tomatoes from the plants that have gone crazy in our backyard.  at last count we had almost 50 on the vine!  jared has been quite the farmer giving them all the tlc they can handle.

i should have taken a picture yesterday of the rain….glorious rain!  it feels like months since the ground has been wet, and though it only lasted about 15 minutes, it was just enough to let the humidity go and let us play outside last night.





harrison {age 2}

tera and i went to the same high school here in kansas city.  a few years separated us, so we didn’t really know each other then.  fast forward (a’hem), like 13 years, and here we are, with two little boys just months apart.  i feel like my circle of friends has grown so much since becoming a mama, and i’m so happy to have met tera and her handsome little guy, harrison.

harrison turned 2 this month, and tera had the great idea to turn a photograph into a thank you note.  she had scouted out an old train car (hello every little boys’ dream!), and we had fun chasing harrison around and tricking him into smiling.

weekend {in pictures}

this is how the weekend went down…

{‘happy hour’ outside on friday}

{herb planting}

{light shopping – with no success}


{early morning playing in pajamas}

a great weekend filled with productivity and just enough laziness.  hope yours was a good one too.


on a side note, sorry to my subscribers who got an e-mail about me publishing a post last night.  it was an accident, and that’s what i get for staying up too late and playing on the computer.


the short guy woke up early from his nap today (which is when i usually have some time to blog), so i’ll leave you with a few quick shots i took of my friend jessica, whose wedding we attended just 10 days ago.  isn’t she gorgeous?

{my favorite}

easter {in pictures}

we had a great day yesterday.  we were with jared’s family, and the weather was so great that we were outside a ton.

first, a family picture.  we usually forget to do this, so i’m really happy that we made it happen.  we’re all even looking at the camera!  with eyes open!  and no gnawing on fingers!  the poor short guy is cutting some molars, and they are giving him a pretty hard time.  he has been constantly chewing on his fingers, not eating a ton, and his nose is like a little river.  hoping that these teeth pop up quickly.

little b played some soccer.  and it’s possible that, while he was sleeping, jared, my sister-in-law heather, and i played a little too.  we kind of felt like kids running around in the backyard barefoot.  unfortunately (or fortunately) no pictures of that.  and get a load of those seersucker pants!  cute, right?

there was a lot of playing with helicopters (or whirlybirds, as some call them)….by all of us.  it was a day to act like children, i guess…and it was pretty fun.  

b is working on his poses for senior pictures already.  i think he’s ahead of the game.

baby blues

i had the great pleasure of taking pictures of my good friend, natalie’s, beautiful boys this past weekend.  natalie and i bonded during our stint at the university of missouri j-school, and i’m lucky to have her here in KC.  now we’re bonding over mama stuff, and it’s amazing to see our babies grow up together.  i hope they’re all good buddies one day.

these boys both have amazingly blue eyes, and we had lots of fun playing in their backyard.  here’s a sneak peek of sweet parker and bennett.



little lumberjack

our unusually warm weather gave us the chance to play outside a few days ago, and we jumped at the chance.  these were taken moments before he face-planted into the glider on our porch and scored himself a big fat lip.  there was a lot of blood, and i was moments from panic mode (does he need stitches!?!  is his tooth stuck in his lip!?!), but thankfully the bleeding stopped, and after some well-deserved crying, all was well.  i’m sure this will not be the last injury for this adventurous little boy.  his own father had stitches like 3 times before he was 4!  i’m a little scared.

we had a yogurt party later in the day, and i swear this child could eat his body weight in chobani.  you can see who was in charge.

{remembering the fat lip}

17 months

i have been informed by certain family members (ahem, celeste) that i have been delinquent in my short guy updates.  for that i am sorry, and i plan to assault you with lots and lots of pictures.

i can’t believe that my little nugget is 17 months old!  he is doing so much, and just absorbing everything!  today, he ‘read’ a book.  it caught me so off guard that i had to do a double take.  i was putting on his shoes, and he opened a book about first words, and casually rattled off ‘uh-oh’, ‘dog’, and ‘whee.’  he had memorized it.  holy cow, what else is he memorizing!?!

this guy is not walking much anymore.  he’s running.  everywhere.  we mostly keep baby gates up in our family room so we’re not up and down the stairs 97 times a day or making laps around the first floor constantly.  this is one active kid, and there is never a dull moment – just the way we like it.

this little guy is not going to be anti-social, i can tell you that.  he is jabbering all the time and still loves to tell everyone ‘hi.’  i tell ya, the ladies love it.  his other favorite word is ‘uh-oh’, and he uses it generously.  he has also learned ‘no’, but at the moment, he’s not using that one too generously – thankfully!  he is a champ at making animal sounds and can tell you what a cow, elephant, tiger, dog, and monkey say.  when asked, he can show you his leg, knee, foot, toes, arm, hand, hair, nose, eyes, ears, and teeth.  i know that’s a lot of detail, but i’m writing this for me too.  :)

ok, now for the onslaught of pictures…

{enjoying our amazing winter weather}

{why do the boys get the great lashes?}

{enough with the pictures, ma!}


{and running….}

christmas {in pictures, part II}

as promised, more from our christmas festivities…

{this year’s wrapping – kraft paper + satin ribbon + colorful tags}


{a few goodies for some friends and neighbors}IMG_1582

{dressed up for our annual christmas party – an 80’s theme this year included

a kelly kapowski shirt for jared and me as a magic 8 ball}IMG_1595

{all gussied up for christmas eve}IMG_1619

{annual family pictures by the tree on christmas eve}IMG_1646

{santa brought a trampoline and ‘carstrucks’, but the train set from aunt nancy and uncle gary won out}IMG_1660

{clowning around christmas morning}IMG_1669

we had a very special holiday season and i sure hope yours was too.  here’s to 2013!

dapper dan

the weekend before last, we attended a darling ‘bow ties and balloons’ party for one of beckett’s buddies, remington.  the party favors were vintage bow ties, and beckett looked so dang cute that when we got home i had to take some pictures.  here’s our handsome little man all aglow from the light of the christmas tree.

we had some help from daddy to get these smiles.  he was jumping up and down, which beckett thinks is hilarious.  b is working on his jumping too – he lifts up on his tippy-toes and gets the biggest grin on his sweet face.  he’s so proud of himself.  he is also cutting six teeth right now and his handling like a little champ.

his other new trick is telling us what santa says – ‘hoooo’.  he is picking things up so quickly now and doing something new nearly every day.  it is pure joy watching this little boy grow up.