little lumberjack

our unusually warm weather gave us the chance to play outside a few days ago, and we jumped at the chance.  these were taken moments before he face-planted into the glider on our porch and scored himself a big fat lip.  there was a lot of blood, and i was moments from panic mode (does he need stitches!?!  is his tooth stuck in his lip!?!), but thankfully the bleeding stopped, and after some well-deserved crying, all was well.  i’m sure this will not be the last injury for this adventurous little boy.  his own father had stitches like 3 times before he was 4!  i’m a little scared.

we had a yogurt party later in the day, and i swear this child could eat his body weight in chobani.  you can see who was in charge.

{remembering the fat lip}


10 thoughts on “little lumberjack

  1. Hi Cara! This is Molly, Vicki McCue’s daughter. I love your pictures, you have such a beautiful family! I am wondering what lens you use on your camera?

  2. Oh so cute! His dad’s first stitches were at about 14 months, ( I think) so be glad you have made it this far. You are doing great!!

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