family self portraits

if you’re at all like me, you’re often behind the camera, which leaves you with a lot of pictures of your favorite people, but not a lot of pictures with you in them.  sad face for people like us.  i’m pretty sure that our families will want to look back in 20 years and laugh at our outfits and hair-dos just like they’re laughing at everyone else’s.  so let’s get in front of the camera!  i saw this article the other day (tagged from pinterest – you time-sucker you!) and thought it was worth sharing.  it’s a quick read and gives some ideas for what to do to take family self portraits.  get creative – put your camera on a stack of books or piece of furniture if you don’t have a tripod.  figure out that self-timer that you’ve been meaning to try, or go buy yourself a remote control (i have one, and it’s great).  i’m going to be making a bigger effort to make sure i’m documented (even if i’m doing it myself), and i think you should too.  let’s get in these pictures people!

i broke out my trusty remote last week and balanced my camera on the corner of beckett’s crib.  we read to him before his naps and at bedtime in his room, and i wanted to capture that time together.

then, last weekend, beckett was being snuggly and still, which never happens, so out came the camera and remote again on our lazy saturday morning.

the pictures aren’t perfect, but i captured a few special moments, and that’s good enough for me.


isla {newborn}

my good friend colleen asked me to take pictures of her brand new baby last week.  not only is she just beautiful, but she has a really good name too – isla.  isn’t that so pretty?  we had a great time oooing and ahhing over how cute she looked, and i was crawling all over the floor of their new house to get just the right angle on this amazingly adorable face.  thanks colleen, for letting capture a few sweet newborn moments for isla.  here are a few of my favorites from the day.

splish splash

as previously mentioned, beckett really likes the bath.  he is one happy camper to get out all his toys and chase them around the tub.  miller likes to drink the water simultaneously, and some might scoff at us, but if you have a dog, you know you have to just get over their slobber, hair, and desire to be rightnexttoyou all the time.  we really tried to keep him from licking beckett, and we still keep it to a minimum, but sometimes you just have to let it go.  we’re just happy they like each other.







roro = mama

one of my best buddies from college, rachelle, recently asked me to take some maternity pictures of she and her husband kevyn, and i happily accepted.  they are expecting a little girl in june, and ro ro (that’s what we call her) is a gorgeous pregnant lady.  i went out to their house, which is on some really beautiful property, and we took advantage of the evening light.  thanks, you two, for letting me document this exciting chapter for you!  can’t wait to meet little miss!

{click on the image for larger picture}