easter {in pictures}

we had a great day yesterday.  we were with jared’s family, and the weather was so great that we were outside a ton.

first, a family picture.  we usually forget to do this, so i’m really happy that we made it happen.  we’re all even looking at the camera!  with eyes open!  and no gnawing on fingers!  the poor short guy is cutting some molars, and they are giving him a pretty hard time.  he has been constantly chewing on his fingers, not eating a ton, and his nose is like a little river.  hoping that these teeth pop up quickly.

little b played some soccer.  and it’s possible that, while he was sleeping, jared, my sister-in-law heather, and i played a little too.  we kind of felt like kids running around in the backyard barefoot.  unfortunately (or fortunately) no pictures of that.  and get a load of those seersucker pants!  cute, right?

there was a lot of playing with helicopters (or whirlybirds, as some call them)….by all of us.  it was a day to act like children, i guess…and it was pretty fun.  

b is working on his poses for senior pictures already.  i think he’s ahead of the game.


One thought on “easter {in pictures}

  1. That is so funny..senior picture comment! I cannot believe Beckett is kicking a soccer ball already!

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