17 months

i have been informed by certain family members (ahem, celeste) that i have been delinquent in my short guy updates.  for that i am sorry, and i plan to assault you with lots and lots of pictures.

i can’t believe that my little nugget is 17 months old!  he is doing so much, and just absorbing everything!  today, he ‘read’ a book.  it caught me so off guard that i had to do a double take.  i was putting on his shoes, and he opened a book about first words, and casually rattled off ‘uh-oh’, ‘dog’, and ‘whee.’  he had memorized it.  holy cow, what else is he memorizing!?!

this guy is not walking much anymore.  he’s running.  everywhere.  we mostly keep baby gates up in our family room so we’re not up and down the stairs 97 times a day or making laps around the first floor constantly.  this is one active kid, and there is never a dull moment – just the way we like it.

this little guy is not going to be anti-social, i can tell you that.  he is jabbering all the time and still loves to tell everyone ‘hi.’  i tell ya, the ladies love it.  his other favorite word is ‘uh-oh’, and he uses it generously.  he has also learned ‘no’, but at the moment, he’s not using that one too generously – thankfully!  he is a champ at making animal sounds and can tell you what a cow, elephant, tiger, dog, and monkey say.  when asked, he can show you his leg, knee, foot, toes, arm, hand, hair, nose, eyes, ears, and teeth.  i know that’s a lot of detail, but i’m writing this for me too.  :)

ok, now for the onslaught of pictures…

{enjoying our amazing winter weather}

{why do the boys get the great lashes?}

{enough with the pictures, ma!}


{and running….}


3 thoughts on “17 months

  1. Thank for the update! I have been checking daily (actually several times a day) for pictures. Grammy’s can NEVER have too many. :) Such a beautiful child!!

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