it’s been a while {i’m back}

i find that blogging is a lot like working out.  as long as you’re in the habit of doing it every day, you’re all good, but the day you decide to break the cycle, you’re screwed.  that’s what has happened to me lately – with blogging – ok, maybe with working out too – but that’s another story.  let’s just say i’m refreshed and ready to be back.

as has been my monday tradition recently, let’s have a little review of the weekend…in pictures.

saturday, we headed downtown to the all star fanfest.  though beckett was a little young for most of the activities, he still had fun watching all the baseball fanfare.  we figured that since the last time the all star game was in kc it was 1973, we’d better take advantage of the situation.

you might notice a few new players in this team picture…

we are continuing to harvest tomatoes from the plants that have gone crazy in our backyard.  at last count we had almost 50 on the vine!  jared has been quite the farmer giving them all the tlc they can handle.

i should have taken a picture yesterday of the rain….glorious rain!  it feels like months since the ground has been wet, and though it only lasted about 15 minutes, it was just enough to let the humidity go and let us play outside last night.





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