splurge/steal – tinted lips

during the summer, usually because i have a little color on my skin, my go to lip treatment is just a swipe of clear gloss.  but as fall and winter roll around, i become reacquainted with my love for lips with a shot of color.  this year, the color is red.  honestly, i think red is in style and in season no matter what, but i digress.  super red lips might not always ring your bell, but what about a little something called tinted balm?  it combines color (red in this case) and lip balm – two of my very favorite things.  i’ve tried both of these – they are both fabulous, and the color stays with you much longer than you’d think.  they come in a plethora of colors, so find the one that suits you and buy in multiples.  it might just be worth putting one of these in every purse, coat pocket, bathroom drawer, glove compartment, you get the idea…

{the splurge}

{the steal}


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