distressed…in a good way

i bought these jeans about a year ago, and soon after, realized they were lighter than i really wanted them to be, so i stopped wearing them.  oops.  so, recently i came up with the idea to distress them.  i didn’t really have much to lose.

i found this picture to try to duplicate – i think it’s from j. crew – and went to work.

off  to the kitchen to break out my micro-plane – the thing you make lemon zest with.  stay with me here, i know it sounds a little crazy.  you could probably also use a pumice stone, steel brush, or heck maybe a cheese grater – just something with some grit.

i stuck my hand inside the jeans, the heel of my hand on the place i wanted to distress.  i stabilized the other side of the jeans with my knee to make sure they were taut.  then i just ran the micro plane back and forth until i was happy with the amount of distress.  i did the same thing in a few other places on the leg and pockets in the front and back.

ta da!  i don’t even know if distressed jeans are cool right now, but i like these a heck of a lot better than i did before.


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