ok, so if you live in the kansas city area, you have probably seen one too many pictures of peeps in the sunflower fields.  but guess what, we did it too.  just look the other way if you’re over it.  the lovely people at grinter farm open their fields to the public when their sunflowers are in bloom, and it’s a wow event. these pictures don’t come close to doing it justice.

i mean, i couldn’t recreate this if i tried.  i don’t even know how this happened – that they’re all looking at the cameraand look happy about it.  img_9131

this is how it usually goes down.  pure joy!img_8922

followed by taking it just. a. step. too. far.  we’re really raising some reserved children.  img_8923

this little one is changing before my very eyes right now.  i swear each day she looks a little older, her jawline a little more defined, her vocabulary a little bigger.  three seems to be a big year at our house.  img_8942

and this one – he’s changing pretty rapidly too.  kindergarten is shaping him already, and it’s mostly good.  ha!  it’s been quite a different vibe without our third amigo during school hours, but we are adjusting.  he is loving it, and is becoming the governor of his school – yelling out names and saying ‘hey!’ to every kid he knows.  it’s pretty awesome to see.  img_8857

well, isn’t he the cutest…except…img_8948

eating dirt was what he did most of the time.   it’s hard being the third kid.  img_8955


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