welcome to glenn lane

welp, we’ve been in this house for 4 years now, and i’ve shown you none of it.  it probably has something to do with the two humans we’ve added to our family in that time.  we moved here when i was about 6 months pregnant with chloe, and we’ve been slowly chipping away at projects to make this place feel like our home.

the thing i love about this part of the house is that it’s the first thing guests see when they enter.  we don’t ‘live’ in this room (or the dining room that’s directly across), so they stay relatively clean, save for the random toys that get dragged up here by miller, our dog.  and here’s my secret – the rest of the house might look like a bomb went off, but you can’t see the rooms we ‘live in’ from this part of the house.  winning.

here’s the before.


you guys, when we moved here, every. single. wall. was. beige.  it was a fine color, but i felt like i was living in a sea of it.  the walls blended with the floors and with our kitchen cabinets and it was just too much of a good thing.  generally, i think if your floors are a ‘warm’ color, a ‘cool’ color on the walls will compliment it best.  and vice versa.  it provides some balance and it’s more pleasing to the eye.

here’s what that room looks like now.


ok, now i can breathe again.  be gone, beige!


i’m kinda addicted to these sheepskins.  they add great texture and lend a cozy feeling.  img_9784

see those pillows below?  i made them, and if you can sew a straight line, you can too.  i use this tutorial.  i did them both in different, but complimentary fabrics, so when i get sick of one side, i just flip ’em.  the back of the navy and white is an awesome batik print that i found on etsy, but it feels more summery, so i just flipped these over recently.  the back of the teal velvet is this otomi print, which i love love love but the velvet feels warmer for now.


i like to keep things personal around here, so the pictures we take with our instax mini go in this wooden bowl.  img_9799



thanks for stopping by.  i’ll show you more soon!

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