beckett {highs and lows}

friends, you’ve seen a lot of chloe lately.  poor girl has some catching up to do!  i mean, we have about 5,347,882 pictures of beckett, so she has quite a way to go.  but, beckett – oh man.  you challenge me and fill my heart each day.

on the challenging front, you have entered a very physical stage.  you have hit chloe a few times and taken a few swings at your dad and i, and this my friend, we just won’t have.  time out doesn’t work that well (sometimes he volunteers for it!), so we threatened to put your trains away if you hurt someone on purpose.  also challenging is that you’d really prefer not to listen.  like, i could probably be shouting your name, and you might not even look back, or if you did, you might just laugh.  oh wait, this already happened…today.  not really sure how to get through to you there, but you better believe i’m going to keep trying.  any hot tips, friends?

on the opposite side of the spectrum, you made chloe laugh for the first time yesterday.  i was putting you down for a nap, and the three of us were laying in your bed.  you got the giggles, and it made chloe laugh too.  what a moment.  i know there will be many more where this came from, and i look forward to each and every one.  your beaming smile and laughter fill this house each day, and we. are. grateful.

{can you touch your nose with your tongue?}

{looking so grown-up these days}



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