some college buddies {and a herd of kids}

you guys, some of my dear friends from college and their kids filled my house today.  while it was a little crazy, it was pretty glorious to have all these tall and small people in our home – 5 mamas and 9 kids betweens us!  truth be told, i love when our house is full, and i want our friends and family to feel like we always have an open door, so i hope you do!  since we had a pretty good crowd here today, we decided we needed to get a shot of the kiddos (except for chloe, who was snoozing).  friends, can you believe that we made these!?!



well, since we were documenting the kids, why not try to document the mamas too?  i set the camera on a little table and got it all lined up and we asked allie, the most senior kid at 4, to push the shutter button.  here’s what we got.

{click to enlarge}Recently Updated5

i mean, hey, at least we’re all in a few of them, give or take a kid.  it didn’t dawn on me until this minute that i have a remote for my camera and could have taken the pictures myself.  next time!

did you sign up for stitch fix yet?  several friends have mentioned they have – you go-getters you!  they also mentioned that they’ve been wait-listed.  i was in the beginning also, but it moves pretty quickly!


4 thoughts on “some college buddies {and a herd of kids}

  1. Brings back memories when the KC Thetas (your mom and her friends) did the exact same gathering with their children. Only those little kids now have their own kids (yours!). Another tip: a friend who has a graduating senior had a similar shot when her friends’ kids were little and then lined them up on couch now when they were seniors and put the shots together (of course squeezing as many seniors as you have on a couch could be tough!). Great shots!

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