beckett {one month shy of 2 1/2}

it was downright spring-like here today, so the short guy and i spent a lot of time outside.  we went on a walk in the hopes it would send me straight into labor, and when that didn’t happen, i decided b-man was due for some new pics so i broke out the camera.  he hammed it up for me, so prepare to be photo-assaulted.

we’ve been working on manners lately because, i don’t know about you, but we thought “stop talking” wasn’t the best way to speak to your elders.  we told him that he should instead say ‘excuse me’, and thankfully, he caught onto that pretty quickly.  it’s pretty cute too.  it is my motherly mission to raise kids with manners.  is he too young to start opening doors?  beckett is keeping us on our toes, but we have had such a great time with him lately.  it’s hard to believe we are just days away from adding another little human to our home, and b’s days as an only child are over.  we have been trying to soak up the minutes with him, and really give him a lot of attention since i know it’s about to get crazy up in here.  i would be lying if i told you i wasn’t nervous.  i am.  but i also know a lot of people who have done this, and they lived through it.  i’m hopeful we can too.

hope to be popping in with some good news in the (very) near future, but right now, i feel like this kid is never going to come out.  tomorrow is my official due date, and i didn’t really think i’d make it this far.  i definitely didn’t think she would come late.  it’s been hard not to let thoughts of her arrival consume me, but i’m trying really hard to enjoy the calm before the storm and stay distracted.  this little guy has helped…









5 thoughts on “beckett {one month shy of 2 1/2}

  1. It is amazing with the second one, you get to watch them to grow to care for each other. Mine never want to be apart.

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