diy {baby leg warmers}

unfortunately, i cannot take credit for this idea, but i have made these baby leg warmers, and they come out so so cute.  i’ve made 4 pair so far, and i plan to keep ’em coming.  they will be perfect to keep baby’s legs warm and still be able to change one million diapers a day with ease.  here are the diy instructions i used.  i did simplify a bit and didn’t sew the cuff first.  i just stuck the cuff in the leg warmer and did one seam through all three layers.  that’ll make sense after you read the directions.  i used knee socks for mine (all these are from target), so they would last longer than just the newborn stage.   can’t wait for ‘rosebud’ to get here and try these on!



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4 thoughts on “diy {baby leg warmers}

  1. These are adorable. So much so that (seriously) I said to Bill, “Wait, I can save those socks and make baby legwarmers…” His response was, “you’re going to save worn out knee socks for HOW many years until we have a baby?!?!” Great moment. And YOU, my dear, were the inspiration! miss ya! x

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