introducing {chloe christine}

i am way behind here…well, on a lot of things.  but better late than never…

we welcomed chloe christine into our family on friday, february 1st.  we ended up having to evict her since she didn’t seem to want to come on her own – i was induced at about 8.00 am, and by 11.44, we had chloe.  words cannot express how much i love this girl.  she is peaceful, social and sweet and changing every day.  i cannot wait to see what her little voice sounds like, what color her eyes end up being, what her personality is like, and eventually, the woman she will become.  we have been overwhelmed with love and support from our friends and family, and for that we are truly grateful.

{morning of febuary 1st.  let’s have a baby!}IMG_1960

{seeing our daughter for the first time.  so happy jared caught this moment.}IMG_1965



{meeting memaw and paw paw}IMG_1995

{meeting mimi}IMG_2001

{meeting aunt heather}IMG_2004




{four generations}IMG_2031

{beckett and chloe meet}IMG_2067

{meeting b-pa}IMG_2089


{hear no evil.  wish i could guard her from ever having to.}IMG_2116


{first night together at home}IMG_2140







9 thoughts on “introducing {chloe christine}

  1. Lucky Chloe! Lucky you! Photos are so beautiful, but that last smile says it all! Much love!
    “Aunt” Debbie from Dallas

  2. I just can’t get over how adorable Chloe is and how FABULOUS look immediately after having her! And that picture of her all wrapped up (in the cutest blanket ever!)–that sweet smile! Congratulations again!!!

  3. She’s such a sweet little blessing! Love the pic of you holding her (in the grey sweater). Congratulation on the growing fam x

  4. Beautiful, Wonderful, Marvelous, Exciting, Fantastic……. Love all the pictures!! (thanks for posting on my B-day!)

  5. One more message, Mom: I thought you might like to see Cara’s newest little one. Isn’t she beautiful? I love all of these pictures!

    Love and miss, Stacy

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