happy birthday {to beckett}

i can hardly believe that it has already been a year since i wrote this post and two since our little man entered the world.  time is flying, and i’d like it to slow down right. about. now.

beckett, your speech is really taking off and you are one chatty kathy!  you are stringing more and more words together and making a lot of sense when you speak.  you do still speak in what your mimi calls beckenese, which unfortunately, only you understand.  i know one day we’re going to have an ‘aha moment’ and finally understand what you’ve been saying.  you are a charmer, still saying (or yelling) ‘hi’ to pretty much anyone you see and asking to ‘cheers’ at the dinner table.  you are so active, and really, when i say active – that’s an understatement.  you have two speeds – running or asleep – and there’s not much in between.  right now, i can’t say that listening is your strongest attribute, but we’re working on it.  and you’ve taken up whining as a new hobby, of which we’re not huge fans, but i’m sure this will come and go.  other hobbies include baseball, cars, coloring, and music.  in fact, you’ll pipe up from the back seat of the car and tell us if songs on the radio are acceptable to you or if we need to change the station.  you’re kind of bossy.  :)  you are also inquisitive!  a new favorite phrase is ‘was dat?’  you are asking it all the time about new things you see and hear.  you know pretty much all of your letters, numbers (1 – 12), shapes, and colors.  we are constantly amazed by all you absorb and remember.

you are one special kid, and while it’s bittersweet, we love seeing you change, grow, and learn every day.

happy happy birthday beckett!!!


4 thoughts on “happy birthday {to beckett}

  1. Happy Birthday, B-Man! You’re “delicious!” and we love you! Wish I lived nearer so I could hear the Beckenese
    The Dallas Haers

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