checking in {and catching up}

man, a lot has happened since i last checked in.  first, little beckett isn’t so little anymore – he turned TWO!  we had a little family birthday party to celebrate, and i managed to take about 5 pictures…of inanimate objects.  let’s hope my family members can fill in the gaps for me.  it’s pitiful that i have no pictures of my son at his own birthday party.  it was kind of a cars and trucks theme, so i wanted to document the cute food labels and cake (that my dear sweet mother made!).  trouble is i didn’t document the kid.  dang.

i did, however document him another day last week.  he was having so much fun on the slides at the park, and i had my big boy camera with us, so i was able to freeze time…just for a few minutes.  smiles are a rarity these days since, lately, when i bust out the camera, he gives a dead pan stare or just  looks the other way.  consider these a small win for mama!


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