an epic project {of teeny proportions}

friends, i’ve been keeping a secret.  i’ve been working on something…really big…but pretty darn small too.

it’s a baby!  i’m growing one!

you’ve probably noticed i’ve pretty much fallen off the face of the earth.  to be perfectly honest, i’ve felt like butt.  i think it’s been a little harder this time since i’m running after a toddler who is 100 mph all the time.  when i was pregnant with b, i was sitting at a desk all day – far different from my current situation.  i feel much better now, but still not quite 100%.  i’ve gotten back to my yoga classes, which has felt so good.  i didn’t even feel up to doing downward dog there for a while.

we are beyond excited to be growing our little family, and this new little person should arrive in late january.  right now, this little booger is the size of an avocado, which seems big already.  things seem to be going much faster this time around.

this is a truly remarkable look at conception to birth, which is a process that never ceases to amaze me.

{i can’t believe we’re going to be doing this…}

{and this again…really soon.}

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