i have been wide awake since 3.30 this morning.  why?  i sure wish i knew.  i laid there for an hour just willing myself to go back to sleep, then finally got out of bed and came downstairs.  i usually have a little trouble falling asleep initially, never in the middle of the night, but for some reason, the second i woke up my mind went from 0 to 60 – thanksgiving, time with family, house projects, outings with friends, christmas shopping, christmas parties, vacation, yada, yada, yada.  i have absolutely no complaints about all this goodness, i think i’m just trying to strategize how i’m going to get it all done.  i want time spent with my favorite people to be quality, gifts i give to be thoughtful, the parties fun, the food i make tasty, our vacation special, christmas for beckett to be magical, etc, etc, etc. our days move quickly and they are full, but i know it can get it all done.  time to make a list (one of my favorite things to do – nerd alert!) and prioritize!

on a funnier note, beckett learned to unlock the iphone this weekend.  he purchased a groupon, unbeknownst to me until i received an e-mail about it.  hold your phones tightly people, this kid is clever.

{my little ham}

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4 thoughts on “insomniac

  1. Oh my! Elizabeth unlocks my phone (I recently decided having a pin to unlock was worth it)…..but she’s never purchased anything! Too funny.

    Adorable little guy, by the way.

  2. Remember, Grandpa Kirby said he will probably be taking an i phone to kindergarten…. more like preschool. Love the picture!!

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