the aligning of the stars

on the way home from target this morning, both chloe and hudson fell asleep in the car, and i. successfully. transferred. BOTH. OF. THEM.  now if that isn’t the aligning of the stars, well, i don’t know what is.  so here i sit with my computer for a hot second sipping the last of my pumpkin spice latte.  yep, you heard that right.  my target still has a stash, but i’m not telling you which one i go to. ;)

so i thought i’d round up a few fun things i’m thinking about for spring.  even though it’s currently NOT warm, i’m dreaming about spring and thinking about thinner textiles, open-toed shoes, and copious amounts of sunshine.

—– i wrote all that a WEEK ago.  life happened – i got kinda sick, beckett had an early out day from school, the kids wanted to eat, blah, blah, blah.  just keeping it real here.  anyway, let’s talk spring.  here are a few things that are on my mind.—-

lace-up booties.  yes or no?  i give an emphatic YES.  they’ll go with jeans now and dresses as the weather warms up.


jeffrey campbell // jeffrey campbell (total dupe at target) // vince camuto //  vince camuto// another vince camuto (apparently this guy knows how to do a lace-up bootie)

how much is too much of a color?  i seriously can’t get enough blush and might just go overboard.

tee // lace-up tank // off-shoulder top // pullover // raglan tee // split neck blouse // lace cold shoulder

sugarfix for bauble bar at target – have you seen it yet?  some super cute stuff at a great price point.


beaded tassels // choker // ombre tassels // ear jackets // beaded hoop

what are you eyeing for spring??

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