ok, full disclosure, hair isn’t really my forte.  i had short hair for a number of years, but long hair feels more like me now.  isn’t it fascinating how we change over the years, and feel comfortable with totally different things?  just me?   i’m a weird one, i know.  i basically keep long hair so i can pull it up into a topknot…i just feels easier to me.  and here’s a funny fact, ever since hudson was a teeny tiny baby, he would play with my hair while nursing or taking a bottle.  and to this day, if he has a pacifier or is drinking a bottle (yes, i’m keeping him a baby forever), he still plays with it.  it’s pretty sweet.  i’m not into a ton of products, but i do have a couple of favorite things that i use often.


first, i try to wash my hair as little as possible.  like once or twice a week.  there are some hat days for sure, but i’ve found my hair feels healthier and i seem to be able to hang onto hair better.  it honestly feels thicker now than it ever has.  one of the things that helps me get through a few of those borderline days is dry shampoo.  i have tried A LOT, and my very very favorite is this one from living proof.  it smells great (a lot don’t), and it works well too.  the downside of dry shampoo is the residue, especially for a brunette like moi.  i’ve tried the ‘colored’ dry shampoos, and i like those even less.  SO, i use it at night.  spray on your roots before you go to bed (rub it in a little, or not at all) – it will have a chance to work through overnight, and you wake up with fresher hair and basically no residue.  holla!  (i’ve heard really good things about this one too.  )

ok, every decade i buy a new brush.  that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but a brush isn’t something i feel the need, or think to replace, all that often.  the last time i was due, i picked up the lemon drop from dry bar, and i love it.  it goes through wet or dry hair easily, and chloe screams at me less when i use it on her.  why must brushing a child’s hair be equivalent to torture??

now to styling.  i love love love my hair when it’s curled.  honestly, it doesn’t happen that often, so when i do it, i want it to last a few days.  my curling iron of choice is this one (the 1.5 inch), and i turn it to the highest temperature.  probably not great for my hair, but i find the curl holds better.  after it’s curled up, i spray with hair spray (not too picky on that), and finish with this texture spray.  it smells heavenly, and the fragrance lasts most of the day.  my stylist introduced me to it, and i thank her (hey lindsay!).  as for making those curls last, it’s another nighttime trick!  (also a tip from my hair stylist, she’s basically a genius)  BRAID YOUR HAIR.  it doesn’t have to be fancy or straight, just throw it in a loose braid, and it will help keep the curl to the next day.  you might have to touch up a few pieces, or sometimes i like to just use some wave spray to give it some texture.



so there ya go, a dummies guide to hair. ;)

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