a few words on style

i am an observer by nature. if you know me, you know i’m also a questioner – where are you from, how many siblings do you have, what do you do for work, do you have kids?  some people might think i’m interrogating them, but really, it comes from a genuine place of curiosity.  i’m curious about people, and what we wear is part of that picture.  i look for inspiration everywhere – from magazines to blogs to IG to…wait for it….REAL LIFE. i love to see how people have developed a style, how they turn a trend on its head or re-interpret some thing that’s been around for ages.  so, all that to say, if you are curious, i’m going to put myself out there and show you some things that are in my daily rotation.  now, let me be frank.  i am a normal person doing normal things and wearing normal clothing.  i hope that’s relevant to you – it is to me.  i will not be wearing prada or galavanting in mykonos while doing so.  on the daily, i am taking my kids to school and changing diapers and going to target and bringing kids to sports practices.  and i guess i like to feel somewhat put-together while i do all that.  you’ll see A LOT of jeans, some dresses and probably even some athleisure wear.
it took me a long time of being a stay-at-home-mom to stop buying things that don’t fit my lifestyle. i think i was living in a bit of fantasy-land, where i was still trying to reason that I would wear dressier items, but then would consistently reach around them in my closet.  i’ve finally come to terms with what my lifestyle is – casual – and i’m trying hard to work with it by giving things my own spin.
i’m doing all this with the hope that it might give you an idea or spark a bit of excitement about getting dressed in the morning (or afternoon, i’m not judging).  bear with me as I develop this piece of the blog – it’ll be a work in progress.
and, let me ask you – what would you like to see??
(this is me being pretty awkward.  things will get better, i hope.  ;) )
jacket: found this one at tj maxx, similar from the same brand
t-shirt: old from j. crew factory, similar
jeans: old from the gap, similar
sunglasses: similar
shoes: sold out in most places, similar, similar, similar
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6 thoughts on “a few words on style

  1. Cara, I love this! It’s refreshing to see a blog post regarding fashion that I can actually relate to (i.e. thanks for not linking a top that is $200…affordability is important to me!). I have a pretty casual dress code at work, and our lifestyle is pretty casual. I like to be comfortable, yet put together, so I am excited to see your future posts! Keep them coming!

    1. Lacey, thank you so much for your feedback!! Relate-ability (is that a word?!?) is really what’s motivating me. I’ve found the same – $200 links to tops are a buzz-kill!

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