halloween recap

every year, i see a family that dresses up as a unit, and think ‘next year!’  well, beckett is 6, and i’m thinking this might have been our last year with any gentle influence on what to wear.  chloe first declared she wanted to be a mermaid – no surprise there.  so, we scrambled and tried to think of something sea-worthy but also ‘cool’ in the eyes of a 6-year-old.  a shark.  the idea for hudson to be a lobster followed quickly, and when i went to get chloe’s costume and found an octopus ‘skirt’, i knew it was meant to be.  jared was a scuba diver, and we were ‘the family that dresses together!’  it didn’t make a lot of sense until we were all together, but i’m glad we got to do it at least once.


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