diy {decanters}

i saw some liquor decanters a while back, and the price tag was something like $200. i loved them, but not $200 loved them.  i decided to try doing it myself and they turned out so great i gave them as christmas gifts.  these could be a fun housewarming gift too!  it doesn’t take a lot of time, just a little patience, and there is so much room to improvise with these.  you could write in cursive with the etching cream, make different patterns, i even had a friend who did a set of wine glasses with all different letter C’s as a wedding gift.

here’s what you need:  glass bottles (you could really use anything that’s smooth glass.  these are what i have, and you can choose from a bunch of lid options), etching cream, an old paint brush, painters’ tape, and vinyl letters.

first, wash and dry your bottles.  you want them to be really clean, so the letters stick well and don’t allow any etching cream to seep under them.  apply your letters, and then use painters’ tape to make your borders.  really smooth down your letters and the tape to make sure they are sealed to the glass.  i made the etching go about half-way around the bottle, and you can see below i had my letters ‘rest’ on the bottom border.


apply the etching cream, and let it sit on the bottle for a bit (consult your bottle to see how long your brand recommends).  don’t cut this part short or the etching won’t be as ‘frosty’.  IMG_1754

rinse off the etching cream, peel off the letters and tape, wipe down the bottle to get it completely dry, and voila!  seriously, it’s that easy.



i also did a set just using the vinyl letters that turned out great too.  less time, and a totally different look, but just as unique.



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