dear {chloe}

dear chloe –

it was this day, febuary first one year ago, that you were laid into my arms.  a few days overdue, you had to be evicted.  i was induced  on a friday morning.  we got there at 7, they got the pitocin running at about 8, and at 11.44 you were here.  it was pretty fast, and fairly easy (i say that now, as a year has passed), and our lives would never ever be the same.  if i had to think of one word for you, it would be joy.  you radiate it.


you are literally a ray of sunshine, sweet child.  you’ve got a smile for anyone who asks for it (except for picture-taking), and your eyes shine all the time.  you have the happiest little soul in your teeny body, and i know an amazing woman will grow out of it.  you are smart, strong, persistent, joyful, easy-going, and sweet as can be.  i did some ugly crying last night over you turning one – not because i don’t want to see you grow up, just because it feels like it’s going much too fast.  i’d like to freeze time for a while. right. now.  i am truly in awe of how much can happen in a year – you’ve gone from squishy newborn to a little person in what seems like no time at all.  i’m so excited to see what the next year will bring and who you will be 12 months from today.

love you, sweet girl.

– mama







p.s.  parents of small children.  do yourself a favor and blow up some balloons this weekend.  they have entertained us for hours the last few days!


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